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I’m a Japanese Filipino Sansei. Born in Chicago Illinois. I have been educated by both Jesuits and Dominicans. My Grade School and High School at the Ateneo de Manila University. My BS Biology degree from the Pontifical University of Santo Tomas. My Doctor of Medicine Degree from the Pontifical University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery.

I’m a General Surgeon with a private practice. I am also presently involved in Maritime Health and also the Medical Director of a clinic that caters to seafarers. I am a FCI recognized International All-Breed Judge. I’m an occasional editor and regular writer of a specialty magazine (Canine) with a controlled circulation of 15,000. I’m a two-wheeled commuter. Will always take the long way home when on a motorcycle. Presently into sailing. I appreciate a glass of good Single Malt or Bourbon, and a Cuban Corona. I’m a Blues man. I’m a penman and just love to write. A fountain pen, some Clairefontaine, a mug of coffee in a quiet corner and I’ll be lost…writing my first book.


So here it is my blog after almost a year and a half of conception, yup this could’ve been born in 06, but the geezer in me has tech issues. I initially tried my hands on blogspot but it didn’t pan out with my tech stock knowledge. I eventually moved to WordPress so now, it is finally born on the 9th of January 2008. Today is actually the 19th and since the 9th I’ve been trying to learn the ropes on blogging as I still have to learn how to upload but what the heck might as well get started. My big brothers when it comes to blogging of course is Bimbo Isidros http://vespinoy.com/, John Ranas http://whoridesavespa.com/ and Yeyey Yatcos http://direkyey.multiply.com/ these guys I believe have very purposeful, dynamic and informative blogs.

Coming up with a blog title wasn’t easy. I made a list of what things I could probably write about-2 wheeled commuting, purebred dogs and canine judging (I’m a licensed Federation Cynologique Internationale International All-Breed Judge, I was also a contributor to the Philippine Canine Clubs “Quarterly” Magazine), health (I am a General Surgeon by profession, maritime health specialist and maritime clinic medical director), fountain pens, sailing, and most of all my family. It is quite a list, which was a bit disappointing as my research showed the best blogs had a specific interest. Mine would fall into the cliche of “Jack of all trades a Master of none” but again what the heck! The best stories are personal experiences.

I started photography when I was in 4th grade at the Ateneo de Manila University when I joined the Camera Club as my extra curricular activity. Back then we dealt with print and black and white. My Father taught me the basics-1. You want your blacks black and your whites white, don’t put too much grays; 2. You want to see shapes and patterns like S’s; 3. You want substance and 4. He introduced me to basic rules of composition such as “rule of threes” and others. He then told me to study Ansel Adams for Landscape, Henri-Cartier Bresson for Human Drama, Bill Brandt for Nudes, Richard Avedon for Portraiture, Robert Capa and Eliot Elisofon for War Photography.

So why “Within Zones II-VIII”? Ansel Adams has said that it is within zones II-VIII that substance can be found when one uses the Adams Zone Principles in photography. As I will be dealing with several topics in this blog, the least I can do is give substance to what I write-“Within Zones II-VIII”.

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  1. Rene Alona
    Jan 29, 2009 @ 17:03:10

    Hi Jojo,
    How are you doing, good to hear you’re back pedaling.

    Rene A

  2. Jared Saunders
    Feb 27, 2009 @ 19:27:09

    A coworker just introduced me to your site and I am impressed. I am Jared the Affiliate Manager at JensonUSA. We have been promoting commuting by bike to work for some time, personally I commute to work by bike everyday. We think your site is great and I wanted to talk to you about supporting your site (and cycling habit). I would really enjoy cultivating an affiliate relationship with you. I am not sure if you know about affiliate marketing, but in short any one who links from your site to mine and places a transaction you get 5% of the sale amount. This is a great way to get some extra cash moving in, and active affiliates who do decently well get a discount on personal purchases. Again I think you have a great site and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  3. JR Andrade
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 08:42:32

    hi sir,

    i am JR Andrade, a fellow Ateneo alumni.

    we are starting a group called the Ateneo K9 Society. this is a group that aims to converge all dog lovers of the Ateneo Community.

    it’s open to students, alumni, faculty, staff and even non-ateneans ( relatives, affliates and friends ) within the Ateneo Community.

    we are just on our baby step. we are organzing membership through our facebook group page:


    with you, a professional FCI judge and true blue atenean, your guidance in this ateneo inspired group would mean a lot.

    hope you can join the group sir and be one of our adviser.

    the group’s core team has yet to meet and we would love to hear your inputs on how we can sustain and plan out things for the community.

    thanks = )

    jr andrade

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