20161218_111913-1I recently found this in my stash. My daughter just got married and is starting a married life which meant clearing somethings and setting up somethings. When I started out as a PCCI Director, I was lucky to work with the new amended “By-Laws.” During board meetings at the time, I was the only Director that regularly carried the by-laws during meetings, well for one, it was made very handy. I know I have the”By-Laws” before this one which was just mimeographed pages with a corner staple holding it together, unfortunately i can’t seem to find it. I have an official memo somewhere signed by 70’s PCCI Secretary Mike Wirtz of the official list of recognized licensed judges…so I know who really are judges.

Anyway, In a couple of ISO audits were I was assigned to review documents, I had to read through their By-Laws. Granted that on those occasions they were more about organizational structure, critical procedure than organizational control. The basic thing that I was taught about a good “By-laws” is that it should never be esoteric and should cover all bases without it being weighed down by process or procedural detail. All these characteristics fit the 1990 By-Laws to a T.


The 1990 “By-Laws” were simple because the intent of those who amended it were honest. It didn’t need a mission vision statement because everyone was on the same page as to what the corporation had to do and what it wanted to do further. It understood the importance of policy continuity and yet guarded it with term limits. It had a tacit definition of right and wrong.

Back then the main thing that the new “By-Laws” wanted to stop was someone from being President for 5 consecutive years (previously happened) and from overstaying Directors (a common occurrence.) But now, what the 1990 “By-Laws” wanted to protect the general membership from, is now the bane of each paying member with the most recently amended “By-Laws.” Well I guess back then, PCCI didn’t have a forbidden apple that had 8 figures written all over it, enough for a Director to grow horns. Unfortunately, the next 2 amended “By-Laws” had vested interest as its backbone resulting into legal actions.

History can’t be kind if wrong doings of graft and violations of the “By-Laws” is what has to be written about her. I was criticized for bringing up the wrongdoings of the past. Well, I will keep on the telling the wrongdoings of the past to keep the present in order and the future safe, otherwise things won’t be any different from a dictator blatantly wrongly buried as a hero. Now to those who amended the “By-laws” again then again, as Oliver Hardy would say-“Here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten us into!”