So when I thought the M1000 with the Masuyama nib was it for the year, 3 black beauts come along. The 2 pens on the left came from a thrift shop in California. The MkII Duofold Rollerball was supposedly missing the gold section which was why it was a bargain, I decided to buy it remembering seeing a section for sale online. The MB 161 had a stuck twist mechanism and was labeled as defective and was also a bargain. After keeping a poker face while calmly paying the bargain price, I headed back home and drove along the 101 with half a smile wondering what I had to do. When I got home I did a quick examination of the Duofold, then I lifted the plastic shelf and lo and behold the missing section was just under the plastic shelf together with a rb refill and its papers. The twist action of the 161 was stuck but had some give, I thought that maybe the lube in the mechanism gummed out. So I patiently rubbed the pen to heat it up and used a few drops of mineral oil and it eventually started to give some more. More rubbing and then it started to twist, and guess what, the bp refill had ink. A quick scrounge of my brothers toolbox and my nephews robotics equipment came up with a tube of Simichrome and the mineral oil. Both pens cleaned and polished well and by then I had a big smile. The Duofold MkI Centennial is from good friend Prof. Butch Dalisay. As Atty. Anthony Goquinco said-it has been a good year. The biggest bargain was the CS Churchill #176, the 149 Desk Set with pen and this Duofold RB and MB 161. With just a little bit over 2 weeks left in 2016, I’m wondering if this is it.