At the Seminar/Meeting

At the new updated lock just opened in June 2016. The Atlantic is at the background.

20161218_111753-1Hoard found in SoCal.

Just came from Panama from a Maritime Health Meeting, I’m now in Ca. I travel every 18 months for work. I may travel to Miami, New Orleans, Houston, or in this case Central America and will stop by Thousand Oaks Ca. to be with brother Harry a validation engineer for Baxter Pharma. This travel has been one of the best for me, being able to see Panama canal pilot training and the workings of the canal system. Also had a great experience as to Panamanian food, cigar availability, rum and partying. I love attending these meetings, with ILO and IMO present. The discourse and discussion will stretch and warp even high 3 digit IQs.

They say that when something is shut something else opens and it even may even be a bigger one. I was politically taken out of the kennel club but guess what, a bigger portal opened for me. The club is always a case of “for love of the sport” for me, an honest Director really gets nothing financially out of it. I’ve been blessed with a new appointment and more work opportunities.

So what else have I been doing in Ca. Met up with family and Ateneo High School classmates. Bought most of the “bilins.” Had a wonderful tour of USC where my niece is a freshman. Yesterday, Monday the 19th was home alone and drove around. Went to a used bookstore and found 3 great books and a bookmark at a bargain. I then went to a used/antique/thrift  store and found a Parker MkII Duofold Rollerball and a 161 Meisterstuck. I normally don’t buy Meisterstuck ballpens, it being the most knocked off, but this deal was just too good to be. So what else have I been doing aside from going to my regular Ca. haunts? A well deserved rest.