I managed to find this Churchill book in my horde of books. Written by William Manchester who also wrote another favorite, the “American Caesar: Douglas MacArthur, 1880-1964.” The books that Churchill himself authored, that I have, are at my Tagaytay crib. The books that he wrote are difficult reads, you really have to be in the proper mind set and zone.

These 2 woodgrain pens made it back together with Prof. Butch Dalisay PenManila. 42, the one on the left, is my most travelled pen unaccompanied by me. It flew to the previous owner in NorCal from across the pond. When I won the auction it travelled to my brother in SoCal. Then went on a cruise to the Mediterranean, then a plane ride from somewhere to the Philippines. After 3 months with me, it sprung a leak. Went on a plane ride with Butch to Chicago, got mailed in Chicago to Indy-Pen-Dance in Indiana. 176, the one on the right, is also an auction win and was a non runner. It was shipped to SoCal then shipped to IPD in Indiana to join 42 in the work queue. 6 months later they travel back to SoCal, journey on to San Diego and for their final leg they fly home with Butch, again.

They write smoother after the Binder smoothening procedure. The levers are now firmly in place and doesn’t rattle when the pen is shook. The lever action is now smooth, deliberate and not ratchety hard or vague. I took a peek at the lever system while it was on the extended position, and saw some kind of rail where the lever slides. This probably is the reason for the solid, not wiggly action. They still had some watered out blue ink in them, flushed it out after a few figure of 8s and the italic medium was now smoother in every stroke, the horizontal strokes were not catchy anymore which was my main beef. Thanks Prof! Hope I’m not raising your blood sugar.