One of the reasons I shelved the original article ( after drafting it, was because I still needed to verify my information. Then I decided to walk away from PCCI cold turkey ( and so the article got stuck in the draft folder, gathering e-dust the past 5 months and never got validated. But the news of Satoshi Bessho was so welcome that I just had to write something about it, and in my enthusiasm, forgot to validate the original article. This is why I’m more of a features writer than reporter.

In Philippine Journalism, there is an expression-Na Kuryente (to get electrocuted.) It means the article/reporting of the journalist came out totally inaccurate. This is my first time in my 10 years of blogging (2 years in blogspot and 8 years WordPress) that I have to make a retraction and pry out my 10.5 foot out of my mouth.

First things first, allow me to get things straight, the only attendees to the March 2016 AKU meeting in Jakarta were the representatives of Hong Kong, Indonesia (being host of the FCI APAC meeting was they were just being a gracious host by attending,) Taiwan and not surprisingly also Singapore and Korea. The rest of the APAC members didn’t attend. China didn’t attend, because she is disappointed with JKC for not supporting her bid to host the WDS in 2019, my theory of CKU being beholden to JKC doesn’t fly. So technically only 4 countries, and just like the previous year, not even fingers of a hand attended if you don’t include JKC. I stand corrected when I reported that it was only the Philippines that didn’t attend, my apologies to FCI APAC. Only Singapore and Korea agreed to be a Director of AKU, but their statutes required 6 Directors, which I presume resulted into some form of failure of elections. The AKU Meeting is not on the FCI APAC Meetings Agenda but just gets held at the same venue. So there you have it, my corrections. I’ve received some friendly ribbing as well as been accused of being pro FCI/RDS and pro APac/ABS and hell I’ve never denied this demeanor and never will apologize for it.

Another election also took place, this July 2016, this time at the Singapore Kennel Club. The new President is Yap Seng Tek, he is a GSD man and is known and respected in the GSD circle. He is believed to have some form of good ties with the APAC leadership. I’m sure that APAC is hoping that the new leadership of SKC, just as the new leadership of JKC will result into a shift in numbers favorable to APAC.

I still believe, next years meeting will be an interesting one, whatever the outcome.