An interesting thing happened at the March 2016 FCI APAC Section Meeting held in Jakarta. The spin was that it was successful and it probably was, but the interesting thing that happened was at the Asia Kennel Union Meeting. Below is an article I wrote about the AKU.

I was suppose to attend the April 2015 FCI APAC Meeting in Taipei at my own expense. Someone in PCCI was trying to block my attendance but I told them I was paying for the trip so what was the problem? Dinky said I could attend because each country can have a maximum of 2 delegates and since he is an officer of APAC, I could attend as the second delegate. My hotel was booked and was about to book my flight to the meeting when professional duty had me attend an endovenous radio frequency surgery workshop in KL and meet with a European and American Client/Principal in Singapore. I was told during this FCI APAC meeting that the AKU meeting had hardly any attendees, not even fingers of a hand. The same PCCI person who tried to block my attending this meeting, sarcastically asked me why I didn’t attend the AKU meeting to add to the miniscule attendance. This same person also told me that for all intents and purposes “AKU is dead and is a non-entity.” I’m known to be partial to JKC…being Sansei.

My research, reveals that Singapore and South Korea are firmly loyal and supportive of AKU/JKC. China and Taiwan with the occasional full lean towards AKU/JKC and some officers of Hong Kong, India and Indonesia still supportive of AKU/JKC. This is obviously congruent with Huntington’s theory of the bond of Sinnic Civilizations. CKU is somewhat beholden to Japan, since JKC assisted CKU in becoming a member of FCI. China and Taiwan follow each others lead. Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea seems to be following the Sinnic Civilization Theory. After talking to most of them, the main reason I see for the loyalty of these countries is that they believe the ouster of Nagamura San was just not honorable. Which is also moot because Santos got a fresh mandate in Taipei. But unfortunately there is a strong sympathy with fear and loss of trust.

So surprise surprise, at the AKU Meeting, one year later, March 2016 during the FCI-APAC Jakarta meeting, it was way much easier to ask who didn’t attend than who attended. So frantic was APAC that they had to ask big brother to make a statement on who was “the one” in Asia Pacific. So before the AKU meeting, FCI releases a letter dated 17 March 2016 and states “…FCI does not recognize the AKU, even though we have been knowing its existence for years.” This letter did not stop those who still believes in the AKU and it’s leadership. At the end of the day, from not even a handful last year to everyone but one this year, were now members of the AKU. I was told that no one however wanted to be a director. The outcome of this meeting shows that AKU/JKC still has it followers. The 4 Asian Tigers are Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. It took Britain 58 years and the US 47 years to reach their present per capita output while it only took Japan 33 years, South Korea 11 years and China 10 years. All these Asian countries are now members of AKU. The only non member is the Philippines. The bragging rights of a club is it’s registration stats but I believe the foundation of these stats is a countries economy. It will be interesting to see what happens next year.

4th of July 2016

I wrote the above article just after this March 2016 meeting but decided to keep it shelved in the draft folder. I decided back then to stop writing canine related stuff and was also busy working on the “2016 FCI Show Commission and Show Judges Commission Meeting Cebu Philippines” article.

But another interesting thing happened-Satoshi Bessho got elected as the new JKC president this June 2016. Word has been going around as early as 2013 that the term of Nagamura San was up and a new President was due to be elected. Rumors were rife that the next President would be Bessho San. Some pundits tried to argue that Bessho San was not a shoe in because the leadership of the JKC has to have the imprimatur of Government.   

The election of Bessho San is a very welcomed one. A dog person is now back at the drivers seat of JKC even if some say that he will be continuing the Nagamura San vision for JKC and AKU. I haven’t had the opportunity to work with Bessho San BUT his reputation as an excellent judge, gracious, approachable, open minded, all around good guy and most of all a first rate gentleman precedes him. I believe in the saying, “Different leader-different leadership style and different management style” which makes me hopeful of this leadership. This is a great opportunity for FCI APAC to reach out to JKC or vise versa and lay a new set of cards on the table and make FCI APAC a much stronger section. It will still be interesting to see what will happen at next years meeting. 

Congratulations Satoshi Bessho San! Oh yes and happy 4th of July to those in the US.