A “Cultural Revolution” era poster from the site

Let me end this month with this article. The 50th Anniversary of the “Cultural Revolution” launched by Chairman Mao Zedong as an inspiration but was actually sugar coating to his strengthening of his rule (just like Marcoses “New Society” of his martial rule) was this past 16th of May 2016. I wasn’t a Marxist as a young man, but was a regular rebellious teen in the “First Quarter Storm.” I would read Mao’s “Little Red Book” and Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” books considered contraband during the Marcos era, some of us chose to read the “Kamasutra.”

I was more activist than cadre because of my friendship with Benigno Manuel Aquino Valdez, nicknamed B-Man, son of Ditas Aquino Valdez, sister of Ninoy. I remember finding a bunch of copies of the Ninoy manuscript “I Challenge this Military Tribunal” and campaign material when he ran for the “Batasan Pambansa” the local National Assembly under the party “Laban.” I ended up donating all of them to the Ninoy Aquino Museum. I would receive a letter of receipt and thank you from them and was told they already had copies of what I donated! Crap I could’ve kept them for bragging rights. It was hard campaigning back then, nobody would accept them because people refused them for fear of their safety. Friends were always wary when I wore my “Ninoy is my Hero” t-shirt given by B-Man.

To get back on topic. During my freshman year at the Ateneo De Manila University in 1979. An exam in Theology got me in trouble when I wrote that we should not judge but should respect Marxism and quoted lines from the “Little Red Book.” The exam would be returned with a huge red felt pen “F”mark and a half page hand written in red sermon, needless to say I would flunk Theology and would be put on probation as I entered the second semester. I would transfer to the University of Santo Tomas for my sophomore year since I had plans  to become a doctor and wanted a Catholic medical school education. At Santo Tomas I would join the LFS (League of Filipino Students) for 2 semesters but it wasn’t my calling. I would still be an activist but just a tad left of center and not pure leftist. That, in a paragraph, is my Marxist experience.


Image of Mao Zedong and wife Jiang Qing/Madame Mao who would head the gang of four.

Here is a photo of husband and wife. Actually I’ve read more on Jiang Qing and Deng Xiaoping. Jiang Qing headed the Gang of Four while Deng Xiaoping is considered the architect of a new socialist ideology and the reconstruction of a new economic direction. I presently have “Madame Mao: The White Boned Demon” but can’t find my copy of “Comrade Chiang Ch’ing.”

The 5oth Anniversary wasn’t celebrated, understandably. But maybe they should be some what thankful that Mao Zedong or the Gang of Four didn’t have Deng assassinated when they could’ve.