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Sometime in December 2007, after our morning bike ride, over coffee, chicken sandwiches, energy drinks and water, as we cooled down and energized ourselves for our next days ride through our glycogen window, good friend Director Yeyey Yatco would bring up the topic of facebook. We were talking about common friends and we shook our heads and smiled at the common friends we had in the past. He then asked me if I was on facebook? I said I had an icing awareness of it, that it did exist but said nah! I told him I wasn’t on anything. I told him Friendster and Multiply was just not my cup. He would explain that facebook was different. He further explained about being able to find old friends and make new friends. I told him that I would check it out but my priority was my blog. I started my blog in 2006 with blogspot then decided to transfer to wordpress in late 07. So at the time, I thought I would focus on my blog and shelve the facebook idea for the meantime.

So many brows have been raised when I answer that I’m not on FB. It’s hard to explain why. A part of me feels, that it has cheapen the definition of “friend” by just a click without the usual smile, hi or hello. I just like doing things the old way. If things don’t work, things just goes quiet, and when you realize that you miss the the other person, you just give a holler. When you click “unfriend” that’s it, hurt is a strong possibility. I also feel that it is one of the venues of bullying and one of the causes of social media related suicides.

At the 2016 January FCI Show and Show Judges Commission Meeting in Cebu, one of the topics discussed was social media and judges. Some judges have been referred to as “Internet Judges,” I was quizzical the first time I heard this. These are judges who heavily post statuses, photos or what ever info you call it. I know one judge who constantly updates his FB during breaks between group judging. Social media has brought about ethical issues, enough for the Judges Commission to discuss it. Me, the old school geezer that I am would rather err on the safe side.