By now you know I was not reelected to the PCCI Board.

So why stick around right? I submitted my letter of resignation from the remaining vestiges I had with PCCI, the 3 committees that I’m a member. Politics had a really big, fat ugly head. I had a good number of pats on the back not  just locally but from foreign guests and visitors, unfortunately getting someones ire.

I was a member of the Publications Committee, under Chair Yvette San Diego. It was my first time to be a member of the Committee. I usually would just submit my articles when Prof. Bernie Montiero ran the Committee. He would txt me a topic to write about, or just txt me a query if I had an article that could be published. I was not even a member of the board back then but was a regular writer/contributor to the Gazette. When the politics resulted in a different board and vision, Bernie would be replaced and I out as well…till Yvette San Diego invited me onboard as a committee member. Thank you Yvette!

The Ethics Committee, what a brilliant idea that came from Fred Salud but unfortunately in its 2 years of existence never took off. Early on, I thought the club could use an Ethics Committee, just like the major clubs of the world. But having been a member of a hospital based Ethics Committee, I was wary if an Ethics Committee could work in PCCI? Tasked to make judgement on value/right and wrong conflicts, on individuals who believe they are entitled…it seemed noble but I felt difficult, knowing that those running things also had sense of value/right and wrong issues and a strong sense of entitlement. I was excited to be on this Committee as it included 2 men I respect not just in the canine world but outside it, professionally and in the business industry, Dr. Ray Lo and Basilio Yap. Unfortunately the Committee never convened…maybe prevented from…anyway, thank you Fred!

The Judges Development and Licensure Committee, the committee closest to me. I’m probably the oldest member in the committee, not in age but in years of membership. I had a couple of issues. The Judges Manual that I authored in a past committee got edited by a different committee with the addition and removal of a few lines, then they took out my name and that of the chair and committee members and replaced our names with their names, making it look like they authored it! Talk about intellectual honesty! Instead of calling it the Judges Manual 2nd Edition, revised by so and so. This is why the ISO Procedural Manual of the FCI Judges Guidelines that I’m making will be mine but shared to every interested FCI member country to download. The next issue is the failure to follow procedure. Good luck and thank you Simon!

So there you have it, the final nail, cold turkey…now to walk away and for my life to go on.