2 weeks ago, after being told that I was not on the lineup anymore, I hurriedly had to run to a Focus Group Discussion. Sometime during the FGD, this Microsoft research was brought up. The data on this research is very interesting (note “..gaps on holding organizations back today”). After the FGD, on my way home, I thought about PCCI. Canine registration is basically data processing and I believe PCCI can be made so much more efficient and save some money. The aspect of business that has benefited the most from technology is data processing, which is the main task and purpose of a registering body. I’m not endorsing Office 365, but you have to agree that the data is very interesting.

When I thought of and suggested the creation of a Registration Committee, the purpose I had in mind was to make the job of the Secretary easier and registration procedure efficient. Somewhere along the way it became a kennel visiting committee, they completely missed my point as to the purpose of the Committee, and the solution of the those in charge was to close down the committee even if we have existing committees that haven’t even convened. The Registration Committee should have shown to the ordinary member that a certain percent of what they pay PCCI goes to improvement of registration services based on the committees budget. Something measurable to show to the General Membership. But again…clueless.

What is my 10 cents worth? They refuse to get ISO Certification (cheaper than the cost of the circuit show), ISO would mean savings, efficiency and most of all customer satisfaction. My next suggestion is to take in the services of a reputable Systems Analyst Consultant to audit the system and work thereon after recommendations have been submitted. For Pete’s sake, get somebody who knows what he/she is talking about!