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A project of PCCI is to have the show site air conditioned. We all can agree that temperature and humidity at the show site can head extreme north. I’ve spoken to foreign judges who love the site but really find it hot and humid. When I told them that we were installing air conditioning, they said that it was the only thing lacking. The project is pushing through but some interesting questions never got answered. Don’t get me wrong, everything is on the up and up and is transparent as can be.

Questions raised by one Director is Operational Cost (electricity is expected to go up), Maintenance Cost (how much and how often). We asked for a design that included a generator which would might be more cost effective than using grid electricity, but this would mean additional initial as well as maintenance cost. The question of whether it is cost effective to use it only on weekends, will this also affect the longevity of the a/c? There really are so many questions, and devils in the details.

This past year I’ve been seeing these huge ceiling fans in churches, gyms, auditoriums and events places. Called HVLS (high volume low speed) fans, they are low maintenance compared to A/C because they run on low speed so wear and tear isn’t accelerated. Initial cost they say is the same or maybe even more as compare to A/C but in the long run way more cost effective. But most of all it is environmental friendly due to a lower carbon footprint. The design of the show site is very much ideal for HVLS. This idea has never been floated and I’m not in the mood anymore, I’m sure somebody else will claim it as their idea. No such thing as intellectual honesty.