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It’s official, yours truly is out of the PCCI Board. I was accused of stepping on a lot of members of the group, which I found both ridiculous and hilarious. Yup politics has reared it’s ugly head.

Like I previously said, in a past post ( I really feel I don’t have it in me anymore, much more to write canine related articles. It started sometime last year January 2015, after the 2105 Circuit Show and I was sure about it this past December 2015. I posted a lot last June 2015 then after that just here and there. The icing was this early January 2016 after the NVM Gonzalez Writers Workshop, it made me think and wonder what the hell was I doing in PCCI. After this 2016 Circuit Show (always in January) I was bone tired. The FCI Show and Show Judges Meeting Cebu 2016 would follow the next weekend and it made me doubly tired. Don’t get me wrong I loved Chairing the FCI Show and Show Judges Commission Meeting Cebu 2016. I’m sure I can say it was successful just as the 2015 Circuit Show that I Chaired was successful and efficient. For the record I was appointed by PCCI President Dinky Santos to Chair the FCI Show Commission and Show Judges Commission Meeting 2016 Cebu. I did not ask to Chair it.

What further did it for me was that I missed my yearly Santo Tomas Medical Mission treks and personal ones. My last one was in 2013, 2 weeks in Samar and Leyte, we chose towns hit by Yolanda that hardly got any to no relief like Tacloban did. This year was South Cotabato which I sorely missed. But the biggest reason for me was I could not relate the PCCI work I was doing to Ignatian Magis. My sincere apologies if I sound condescending, this is just me. Please don’t get me wrong, I love this sport of ours, but for me, at the end of the day, it really is just an avocation.

The Rafael De Santiago Article is done, I’m working on the 2016 FCI Show and Show Judges Commission Meeting Cebu Article. A personal project I’ve been working on is an ISO Procedural Manual for the recommended FCI Judges Rules. This for any NO to download. I’m just a 4th of the way but hopefully will be done by year end. So maybe just 4-5  canine related articles left for me to post, then it will probably be goodbye.

The past two years was great I gained friends in Dinky Santos, Yvette San Diego, Eugene Reyes and Bobot Yu. Rekindled old friendships with Chito Ilagan and Fred Salud. Most of all I would meet and start a friendship with Rafael De Santiago. Now I know why 2004 to 2014 was one of the best and fun years of my life, because in 2004, I left the club and my life went on. When I was told I wasn’t on this years line up, I’m sure I smirked, then my heart smiled and it sighed a huge sigh of relief! Time to go on with my life.