To all 2016 Commission Meeting Delegates,

I hope all of you are excited and looking forward to this event. As of writing of this communiqué on 31 October 2015, we have 89 Days to this event.

I have just come back from Cebu to attend to details to this event of ours. Unofficial tally by me of communication with John Wauben shows 47 registered countries and 56 registered representatives as of 15 October 2015. I look forward and hope others will still join this event since not everyone who registers actually attends the meeting.

Here are some further announcements-

1. Please start booking your flights. As I have previously said the INTERNATIONAL EUCHARISTIC CONGRESS will also be held at the same week. I suggest that you take a straight flight to Cebu than fly from Manila. I believe straight flights from Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore are available.

2. Please book your stay, we have negotiated the best room rates for you at such a beautiful hotel. FCI has sent you an electronic form so you can book your stay early. The rooms and choice rooms are first come first served.

3. We will be charging you a Registration Fee for the meeting itself, please be prepared for this. We will be announcing the amount before the meeting.

4. Feel free to arrive or extend a day or two earlier so you can enjoy the facilities of the hotel.

5. Do get in touch with us at this email to submit your itinerary, and your T-Shirt size.


Dr. Orlino “Jojo” F. Hosaka M.D.
2016 Show and Show Judges Commisssion Manila Meeting