I haven’t been writing much canine related stuff, specifically about this issue. I’ve received a lot of information on this issue but was asked by those I’ve been in touch with, not to report about it so as not to stoke the fire.

The thing that gives me a smile is that what I write gets to be spun again. I’ve heard and read the words “Timeline” and “Adversarial” again and again, which gave me moments of deja vu. “Option A”, one of the options given by FCI to NKK resembles my #7 and #8 POV of my NKK article ( Come the Euro Section Show, NKK was spinning canine welfare and seemed to have abandoned the boycott call. They tried to spin the results of the 07 September section meeting in their favor BUT FCI was adamant on the requirements and fine print of the resolution to this issue. “Option A” got followed which is what I said early on would be the best solution.

Some believe that NKK just got a slap on the wrist and should’ve been meted a harsh sanction, the rest chose to be quiet. I’m together with those who are quiet. The dog sport is something we all enjoy, it has it’s quirks and it’s own share of politics but just like any sport it has to steer itself away from issues of world geopolitics and vice versa should not allow issues of geopolitics to influence us (changing the country of origin of a breed). The above article speaks of the little support that NKK got considering it is the biggest section show. The Euro Section Show is the biggest FCI show next to the WDS except this time this one paled because they chose to focus on something else.

Do I agree with how the FCI leadership handled this matter? You bet I do! Now you can’t make an accusation that FCI clamps down on freedom of speech. Further more, how can anyone accuse FCI of being undemocratic when the democratic pillar of freedom of speech is very much alive and well. FCI has shown magnanimity through the virtue of tolerance. A different version of the above article with an anagram of a title-“Oslo Goes Solo!” went around electronically but in my view hardly moved north to viral. Those I spoke to believe that since the matter had been resolved, pushing it would just seem like gloating. I myself have decided not to post it. Personally I believe it was the more accurate and entertaining article but responsible and balanced journalism prevailed which is how it should be. The above article still very much hits the nail on the head, bravo “Our Dogs”! Time to move on.