Came home bone tired one Friday evening. The week was hectic as hell, traffic as horrendous as can be. I just came from watching “Heneral Luna” with my ex-girlfriend. The movie made me feel better and made me a prouder Filipino. The week wasn’t all that bad actually as I managed to close a deal with a new principal for the clinic. The cherry was getting home to a package that contained what seemed like the woodgrain CS Churchill I had been waiting for.

It was Conway Stewart Churchill #042/500. It was oxidized with it’s furniture a dull gold, under this neglect, it was a woodgrain model. The section covered by the cap still had the original woodgrain richness and shine. I first flushed the pen clean. Then gingerly cut out the appropriate masking tape to cover the furniture and the laser cut engravings. I then took out some Autosol polish and lightly rubbed the polish on the pen with my fingers, then wiped/buffed off the polish with a microfiber cloth. Did this process 4 times, but on the fourth I peeled off the masking tape and polished off the furniture as well. Research mentions to use, light pressure, fast strokes and not to heat up the pen with the rubbing/polishing. Color will initially rub off and cling to your cloth but will lessen and eventually stop on the succeeding applications of polish. The result of the polishing was like night and day. It now looks like the way it should be-an esteemed CS Churchill Pen.

I filled it up with some Waterman Mysterious Blue via an eyedropper method and it wrote beautifully! It has an Italic Medium nib with some spring to it. I looked for my Churchill books only to realize I brought them all up to my Tagaytay crib. I did find a Tony Blair book. During Blair’s watch, he patronized CS and regularly gifted them to Heads of State as he did during a G8 and a Nato Summit. He personally gifted Chirac as well as Putin with CS FPs. He himself is a fountain pen user and actually wrote this book with a Churchill. Btw, I got this Churchill at a real bargain.

Here is a better review-http://newpentrace.net/penbase/Data_Returns/full_articleef1f.html?id=360




Write away!