I’m including this to sprinkle some festivity to this post and because…it’s September!


To the FCI Show Commission and Judges Commission Delegates of the 2016 Meeting, greetings from Manila!

This event is fast approaching as we will be entering the final quarter of the year in a month. The Philippines is honored to host this event and looks forward to every NCO’s participation through their delegates.

The theme of the meeting is- “FCI Show and Show Judges Commission-Informed, Updated, Collective”. It is a simple theme with the most important word being Collective, something that FCI has been and will always be.

I hope by now you have all officially registered with FCI through Graziella Soravia, her email is soravia.g@fci.be. The deadline for registration is November 01, 2015. Barbara Müller President Show Commission and John Wauben President of the Show Judges Commission are heading these commissions. Philip John of the Kennel of India is Chairman of FCI APac Show Judges Commission and is spearheading this event. FCI APac President Dinky Santos of the Philippine Canine Club will be your host with yours truly as quarterback here in Manila.

Please start making your reservations both for travel and at the venue. We have negotiated the best price for you at the Shangrila Mactan Cebu. Please arrive on Thursday or earlier as the Meeting will start on Friday the 29th of January 2015. The same week of 24-31st January 2015 will be the same time that the 51st INTERNATIONAL EUCHARISTIC CONGRESS will also be held in Cebu, because of this we encourage you to start booking this early. We also encourage you to book a direct flight to Cebu via Hong Kong as this would be easier than flying to Manila and taking a connecting flight to Cebu. Transfers from Mactan-Cebu International Airport to Shangrila Mactan will be provided. I also will be creating a twitter account for quick headsup announcements, the hashtag for this event is #2016fcis/jmeetcebu.

So here is an early checklist for this event-

1. Please book your flight early.
2. Please register with PCCI, a link will be provided.
3. Please book with Shangrila Mactan Cebu early a link will also be provided.
4. Please check with the FCIAPac FB and PCCI FB site and other official sites for announcements and
registration links.

Announcements will continuously be made as more information regarding this event arises.


Dr. Jojo F. Hosaka