I was sorting out my library looking, indexing some new finds when I came across my copy of Gruenig’s “THE DOBERMAN PINSCHER, History and Development of the Breed”. I know I also have a DPCA Judges Manual with autographs of all the contributors somewhere. Yup, signatures of Peggy Adamson, Patrick Doniere, Frank Grover, Nancy Heitzman, Jane Kay, and Marge Kilburn.

I remember Peggy Adamson when I asked for her autograph at ringside of our Nationals. I told her my first Dobermann was linebred to Damasyn’s Bo Tairic of Ardon. She just graciously smiled, signed my DPCA Judges Manual and went back to her judging. Then during a lull in her judging, she walked back to me with a smile and said “I remember Bo-Tairic!”.

She gave a seminar the night before the Nationals. She discussed the standard and judging mouths. She was asked in the open forum how she exercised her dogs. She said she exercised Tator by running him on an up hill. She believed that on a flat track, it was just the rears that actually got exercised as it was the driving forward force of the dog and the front was just for steering, on an uphill the front also did some work.

I remember a round table discussion with Frank Grover. It was a last minute decision to have a seminar and only 4 Dobe afficionados attended. It was a sort of round table discussion. I asked him about the section in the Standard-“Size, Proportion, Substance”. He mentioned an interesting thing, that what we visually perceive as a nice square dog may actually still be slightly longer than square when measured. Being that breeding the perfectly square Dobe was a challenge. He reiterated that to always judge to the standard, and to grade faults as recommended by the DPCA Manual.

I also picked up Norm Kenney at his hotel and drove him to where the Nationals was to be held. We had lunch, before the show. I then stewarded for him, then drove him back to the hotel. Interesting conversation with him too.