I find the chain of events following my article very interesting. I know that I labeled this story -30- but things continue to happen that needs to be reported or commented on. In my 18 July 2015 article https://withinzones2to8.wordpress.com/2015/07/18/norsk-kennel-klub-principle-or-hidden-agenda/, I mentioned in my comment that I believe the country of origin of Tibetan breeds should stay as Tibet, and guess what they amended the decision!

Again, I’ve said it so many times, I have a penchant for the rules. I have constantly argued in the board, to take time when making a decision. Something I learned in the corporate world is that rescinding or amending speaks poorly of competence and credibility. Obsolescence brought about by change in times through the years is the most accepted reason for amending/rescinding. BUT to amend/rescind due to a lack of due diligence much more a mistake realized after the fact smacks of incompetence leading to a loss of credibility.

FCI was in a catch 22 situation the moment they considered changing the country of origins of these breeds. Because of this FCI has opened a can of worms and now has a controversial precedent. Changing the country of origin of these Tibetan breeds is a political one that FCI maybe shouldn’t have gotten involved in in the first place. IF they really had to get involve, they should’ve done their due diligence much harder. Me, I would’ve stayed with the July 2015 decision and give the impression of being resolute than do this bandaid solution…or take the bitter pill cure and rescind it once and for all, you cant be just a little bit pregnant.