7 years ago, at the garden of Professor Butch Dalisay Phd in UP Diliman, FPN-P would meet for the first time. Photo from Prof. Butch Dalisay by Beng Dalisay .


7 years later, and not everyone present. Photo by J.P. Reinoso

The Pen Meet in Amici Ayala Triangle on the 11th this month of July 2015 was the 7th Anniversary of this crazy lot. The group has grown by leaps and bounds from that first meet 7 years ago. I just love this group, aside from the fun factor, it is also a very good destressor for me. The group meets monthly and subgroups such as the South and North groups will have meets between the monthly meetings, even a Cebu group has regular meets. Lightning meets over lunch or coffee has a good chance of happening any time, any day. And why not, no politics, respect of views, appreciation of any kind of pen, swaps of stories of provenance, of the hunt, the one that got away or sumgai, will always have a comfortable air and give a strong bond of camaraderie.

The group is made up of professionals from engineers, professors, members of the academe; from two lettered titles-MD, JD, DR., to three lettered titles of-COO, CEO, CFO,PHD; to students, retirees, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, rank and file, a justice of the supreme court, bankers, artists and writers, simply put “all walks.” The important thing is once you sit or talk shop with any one us, you are just like everyone else regardless of your background and what brand of pen you have. Ink stained fingers are a common site and turns you into the real deal (reminds me of Joseph Fiennes in Shakespeare in Love). We have a crazy interest for flow, wetness, flex, feathering, chased hard rubber (at this point it even sounds kinky), WE’s, SE’s, LE’s, vintage, modern, barrel, cap, finial, blind end cap, furniture and inks, but interestingly, we can and are very much capable of talking about anything under the sun.

One man’s passion…shared…500+ members joy…or is it insanity. 🙂

Write away!