So what I thought would die a natural death by now, lives on with some vengeance. I honestly thought they were just being passionate about the issue. I wrote about this already and gave my POV, I thought it would end at that. Here’s my article on “Yulin” if you haven’t read it yet.

Let me try and give you a timeline on this matter. It begins with the Yulin festival which started in the 90’s around 1995, the tradition is 600+years old. Awareness of this festival has been present for quite some time but the biggest consciousness was 2015 this year due to social media. So many images continue to haunt us all. I suggest you visit the website or FB page of NKK and FCI APac for the back and forth volley of comms.

2 months before the WDS in Milan, sometime in April 2015, would be the last day of submission of nominee candidates for the General Committee and its officership, and for those who would want to host the 2019 WDS (2016 is Moscow, 2017 Ecuador and 2018 Netherlands). Those who submitted their intentions aside from China, included Croatia, Germany and Spain. From April to the June 2015 WDS in Milan, no-one questioned the intention of China, no-one brought up the Yulin Festival.

June 2015 in Milan, nominations were made official and each country made their respective pitch with supporters helping out. When the smoke cleared, China emerged as the 2019 WDS Host, mind you not by voice vote but by actual representation ballots. Again, their was no point of order, no objection, no motion to reconsider at any one moment! This was the right time to do it for purposes of order. Again no-one picked on CKU, no-one brought up the Yulin Festival.

After the elections, China handed out a VIP card to each FCI NCO as a token of appreciation for their support, regardless of who they voted for. This has been reported as a bribe even if it was done after elections, even if everyone got one regardless of who they voted for. The VIP Card is for hotel accommodations to those who will attend the 2019 WDS. Interestingly one of those who patiently fell in line was the representative of the Norsk Kennel Klub. And again, no-one questioned CKU, no-one raised the issue of the Yulin Festival.

Official Statement of CKU, very much self explanatory.

Official Statement of CKU, very much self explanatory.

A good 2 weeks after the FCI Meeting in Milan, during the summer solstice in June 21, 2015, the Yulin Festival would become viral as viral can get. A world wide outpouring of disgust would flood social media with the Norsk Kennel Klub making an official condemnation and would then make it political by calling for a boycott of the Shanghai WDS in 2019. NKK has openly campaigned for this boycott, has refused an audience with the FCI leadership, just recently has returned the VIP card given to them (which they fell in line for), and now they are asking for a general assembly for a re-vote!

SO what happened during that 2 weeks between Milan and the Yulin Festival? IF it is a matter of principle then fine, the disgust for dog eating is expected from all of us dog lovers. We can quote and discuss Kant or Singer on this matter to no end.

These are my observations and what I have gathered.

1. Most of you know, after reading my articles, I’m a stickler for “Rules” and “Rules of Order”. NKK is a member of an organization called FCI. In any organized group with established rules, the minority HAS to follow the decision of the majority. It is the way of a democratic process. To defy and fail to follow the rule of majority smacks of immaturity, poor form and character that will result into a lack of credibility.

2. NKK had enough time to object to China’s intention, they had time to go on the record to object but they did none of that. CKU even brought the dog eating issue out in the open in their video presentation and yet they were silent during the whole proceedings and even fell in line for a freebie. Here is a link to the video from fellow Asian All-Breed Judge and FCI APac Director Gopi Krishnan. Let me mention that the other three NCO’s video presentations were all equally convincing and maybe better, depending on your point of view. But after elections, China emerged as the chosen one.


3. The credibility of NKK is very much in question, they did not take the moral high ground when the time was proper and just turned around 2 weeks after the fact. All their actions in fact seemed like a silent support of the majority up until 2 weeks after.

4. Sweden allegedly is supporting this boycott. If true, it is not surprising, the FCI Auditor from Sweden was not re-elected. A last minute nomination was made and after voting, the nominee of the “Caribbean and Americas Section” emerged as the new Auditor. This is the problem when people take things personal. So it now seems like Sweden is grinding an axe.

5. Is NKK trolling? To what end, and at the risk of sanctions?

So what are my conclusions and POV?

1. The basic premise of NKK that the slaughter and eating of dogs is wrong, is very much valid. I personally am together with the rest of the world and NKK in disgust about this matter.

2. I agree, together with the rest of the world and NKK that something has to be done about this, concrete plans made and implemented, all legal means to stop this should be taken. The 2009 Bill (see my Yulin article) has to be amended with harsher punishments and once and for all signed into law, of course implementation will be another matter, but first things first.

3. I believe that NKK has the right to call for a boycott but I doubt they have the credibility to lead it having supported in silence the vote for China and even fall in line for a freebie. Remember they had the opportunity to object and go on the record early on during the proper time. Sure they can argue better late than never but they lack one of the keys to credibility which is consistency.

4. Something happened between the Milan meeting and the Yulin festival that suddenly made NKK change their mind. There is a possibility that NKK is being goaded on by someone. This is not a conclusion but it answers maybe why the sudden turn around.

5. There SEEMS to be some NCOs that have race issues (including whoever is goading NKK), and unfortunately it seems NKK is one of them, like I said, unless they are just being goaded on. Some NCOs can’t SEEM to accept the fact that an Asian country will be hosting the WDS! I refused to pull out the race card till the very last minute even if everyone else did early on, but sadly racism is really out there. Word has it that during the Milan meeting someone allegedly was to have said that the meeting would be boycotted if the nominees of the “Americas and the Caribbean Section” and the “Asia and the Pacific Section” nominees would all win! Sounds racists? The thing is that the “European Section” has more voting members than the 2 sections combined! Which only means that there are Euro members who believe in the nominees, regardless of nationality, race or Section affiliation. I would like to think in this time and age, being a responsible dog owner, being a member of FCI, that issues of race should hardly be existent in our sport…but unfortunately us Asians can sense it but we just don’t mind it. Why, maybe because it’s a known fact that Asians are intelligent, not just a high IQ but also a high EQ.

6. Me, I’d ignore the antics of NKK, simply because any NCO worth it’s salt will not join this bandwagon because joining it would make them come out in the same negative light as NKK. And trolls thrive on notice. Sure they will get the support of activist rights groups and other trolls but that’s it. Unfortunately FCI has to act on the matter and show that they are in control of things.

7. NKK can still do damage control, quietly meet up with FCI, minutes of the meeting kept confidential. Then keep quiet from thereon. I’m an optimist/half glass full type of guy. I would like to believe that they just got carried away by the heat of the issue, the results of the meeting and elections and most of all maybe just got goaded on.

8. I’ve said this before and will say it again-Not all means of effecting an embargo is the right one, much more hardly may it be effective at all, unless a hidden agenda is behind it.

9. I believe a harsh sanction such as some form of suspension might be meted out. I hope it does not lead to that, but then if it is in the rules, then those concerned should have known better. I’m still hoping for an amicable solution.

10. Mainstream canine journalists has to balance their reportage, than stoking the fire. We know that media has the right to be adversarial but one can choose to be balanced and objective.

11. So is it a matter of principle or hidden agenda? If it is a matter of principle then they are very passionate about it considering possible sanctions. In a way, I actually admire them for their conviction. Hidden agenda? Because they don’t want the WDS in China and want it somewhere else? They obviously found an easy excuse but it will point to a race issue.

To every NCO, make the most of your attendance in a meeting, use every available parliamentary tactic or relief that is allowed in the rules. Because when it is all over, and things don’t go your way, YOU WILL HAVE TO SUPPORT THE MAJORITY.

The actions of NKK speaks very poorly of their character. Like I said, you are a member of an organization 100 and 4 years old called the FCI. Any organization of this age would not have reached this level of maturity and august stature if it’s rules were not in order, much more democratic. Your concern for the welfare of our canine friends is very noble and I’m sure every NCO member of FCI and all the other non FCI KC’s are with you. But your defiance of a democratic process that you participated in and your insubordination just speaks very poorly of your character. You may not like the persons but you have to give respect to the position and office duly elected officers stands for and the organization they represent. Otherwise maybe you should take heed of the saying, if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

Please read the comments so you can further get my point.