An extra issue that FCI APac raised during the “Blacklist” brouhaha was about a dog stripped of it’s previous wins and earned titles in the US. This particular dog was originally bred in China and registered with the CKU, was eventually bought and registered with the Hong Kong Kennel Club. This dog was then campaigned in the US, earned a title and won some awards. Around November 2014 (same time as the blacklist issue) this dog was prohibited from further participation in any AKC Show and subsequently stripped of it’s titles and awards. An official communication of AKC with NGKC further substantiates this and reassures NGKC of a mutualistic relationship.


FCI APac claims of an agreement between FCI and AKC that allows FCI dogs to compete in AKC shows and vice versa. I still have to see a document to this agreement. When FCI APac met with the General Committee in Thuin on the inauguration of it new offices in March 19-20, 2015 to argue their side about the “Blacklist” issue, it was the addition of this issue that raised the eyebrows of the Gen Com higher. In the May 20, 2015 meeting in Puerto Rico between FCI and AKC, this topic was on the agenda, it was discussed and wasn’t resolved.

I have been asked what is my take on this matter. Let’s get some facts together first. I believe the HK Kennel Club is included in the “AKC list of Registry Organizations” to begin with (I’m in touch with a HK All-Breed Judge friend and waiting for a reply to verify this). This is the AKC letter to PCCI in 1989 when we got included in the registry and below it a quote from the AKC Dog Show Rules.

AKC _to include PCCI in AKC’s list of registry organizations

No dog shall be exhibited in a licensed
or member dog show, unless it is either individually
registered in the AKC Stud Book, or individually
registered with a foreign registry organization whose
pedigrees are acceptable for AKC registration. A dog
with an AKC limited Registration shall be ineligible
to be entered in a breed competition in a licensed or
member dog show.

IF the dog is actually registered with the Hong Kong Kennel Club then it is entitled to all the benefits that inclusion in the “List of Registry Organizations” gives. Based on Chapter 11, Section 1 this same dog is entitled to be exhibited in AKC Shows. AKC has obviously reneged on any agreement (if this agreement does exist) between itself and FCI on FCI dogs being allowed to join AKC Shows. The biggest breach is coming from AKC as they are quite obviously violating their own rules.

So what’s my take on this, this time I’m on the side of AKC, it’s their house and they make the house rules. IF they are violating an actual FCI agreement (like I previously said, this agreement has to be verified), so what! For purposes of order, they have to amend their rules and formally withdraw from any agreement if it does exist. Treaty violations are a known fact even between mighty nations.