Allow me to bump this article. I’m getting a lot of queries from fellow judges and readers about the final disposition on this matter.

I’ve gotten a good number of information on this topic from different sides of the coin including it’s edge. But I decided not to post it with thoughts and deference to APac and most of all the FCI leadership. Like I have always said, most of my information is already out anyway. I have 4 comms on this issue that I can post and will make this article very interesting but have decided not to…for the meantime.

The FCI ExeCom met in Thuin Belgium on March 19-20, 2015 to address the Crowley letter dated 19 February 2015. This would result in the RDS March 19 2015 email dated March 19, 2015. The actual email of FCI in response to the AKC letter dated 19 February 2015, I posted in previous article ( but was asked to take it down so I just posted excerpts. I could not understand why I had to take it down because it had already spread and my source just validated what I and everyone else already knew. Oh well. Anyway the cat is now out of the bag.

An AKC letter dated 3 April 2015 would come out electronically. This letter was sent to FCI APac Judges with AKC licenses to judge for AKC Shows affected by the Crowley ban, this letter now retracts AKC’s suspension and ban on all FCI APac Judges.

The RDS March 19 2015 email suggests having a meeting between FCI and AKC. This meeting did happen last May 20, 2015 in Puerto Rico. I wont mention those in attendance, what was discussed and transpired verbatim anymore but suffice to say the issue was settled. So there you have it folks! As I previously predicted the “Status Quo” will be the way to go. I have the minutes of the meeting.

Like I previously mentioned, I invite all AKC judges to choose an FCI Show than a Non NCO. If anybody holds the short end of the stick in this “Status Quo” it’s us FCI Judges, as we have to go through a process before our credentials are recognized by AKC, even if we have studied and continue to study and judge way more breeds (a different story to tell).

Cheers to both organizations for sitting down on this matter and letting level and cooler heads prevail, and here’s to meeting more and judging with more AKC Judges in an FCI ring!