So how do you measure a year in PCCI? Registration Stats? The number of shows? The success of the Circuit show? The savings made? The income earned? Money spent? Actually these are the same parameters of measurements since my first term as director in the early 90’s. Now what about the past year of your personal life? Did you touch someones life? Did you restore a past friendship broken by pride? Did you make new friends? Did you tighten the bond of family? Did you lend a hand to a stranger?

The past five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes was quick. The proxy war and elections blew by like a breeze. 3 directors decided to hang their hats and so we gained 3 new ones. You can call it what you want, politics, numbers game, but such is the cycle of directorship of your Canine Club. I have been tempered through the years by this cycle of change in the board. If you don’t have the numbers to begin with, you should have a realistic view that you are only good for one term. Once you are aware of that reality, walking away is just a walk in the park. Once you are aware of that reality, you won’t have to be part of the rumor mill, you won’t have to send sms with innuendos and you won’t have to call people names after your term. Once you are aware of that reality, you can move on and enjoy the most amazing thing outside the Club that is called “life” that is just there for the picking.

Registration is down as compared to last year. This is a worldwide phenomenon and if you have a solution to this problem it will be like inventing the wheel, you can be sure a good number of Kennel Clubs will be knocking at your door. The most popular breed is still the Shih Tzu, though the biggest decrease in reg also came from the Shih Tzu. A Shih Tzu maintains it’s cute factor even if the coat is cut, probably why it continues to be number one. Personally I believe there is an interest in the Frenchies and Pems. The Club saved some but personally I believe can save more. Because we saved some, we ended up making more. The Club spent some but still made some, made more than last year actually but personally could make more. The number of shows was slightly less than last year. We still have pending legal cases. The Circuit Show managed to spend less but still was a success and your President got re-elected to to the FCI APac Presidency. The last two are immeasurable successes of your club. To the best of my knowledge, everything was above board. I know more can be done but I’m “aware of that reality” that it is after all a numbers game.

Now you can whine, bitch, nitpick, filibuster and rant all you want about the past five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes. Me…I’d rather work hard without any agenda but to help, enjoy life, family, laugh, and most of all “…Remember a year in the life with friends…”. 🙂