Here is a favorite summer song.

Manila is experiencing a classic summer with mercury rising fast enough to hit the roof. So will it be a hot day this coming April 23, 2015 Thursday at the Riviera Hotel Taipei where the elections for the APac leadership is to be held? If the numbers are right, Santoses re-election bid is all but in the bag. It is no secret that I supported and offered my help to his re-election bid. It would be embarrassing if he is not reelected given the circumstances of his election 2 years ago ( I was suppose to attend the election as a Philippine delegate, funded by myself of course. I already booked my flight and room at the Riviera but duty called and was asked to fly to KL and Singapore by my Maritime Clinic.

As to the Blacklist issue, I have accumulated a good number of communication and have infact have an article written but have decided to keep the article saved as a draft. I have spoken to quite a good number of people from different countries who have also read all the communications! People have asked why I haven’t published it when everyone seems to have read everything if not, at least has heard or are talking about it? I guess it’s more of a courtesy to FCI and specifically to it’s leadership. The May 19th letter of FCI in response to the Crowley letter specifically requested that all comms be made private thereafter, I will accede to that request, because of my respect of the FCI leadership. Some people think that I only have one source, rest assured I have others to corroborate my stories.

Please read back on my posts related to this issue as I continuously edit/update them.

Oh yes don’t forget your SPF30.