Most of you who regularly follow me probably noticed that I’ve cleaned up the site. After several days and nights, I made the decision to do some house keeping as they were just out of character, it just wasn’t me. It was someone caught in the moment, something natural from an FCI man through and through…that had to be tempered down.


I’ll be taking a break, taking it easy and will do some catching up with my reading, bought some interesting reads this first quarter of the year and I believe tis the right time to kick back and do some reading. On deck is an easy read “GODFORSAKEN SEA, The True Story of a Race Through the World’s Most Dangerous Waters” by Derek Lundy, love the way he writes, the ocean can really inspire just like what it did to Hemingway. While swirling some iced green tea during this Manila heat, I’m also listening to Ella the Queen, nobody can scat like her and her inspiration comes from Dizzy Gillespie. Note how simple the Montreaux Festival was 8 years before in 1969 compared to 77.

Yup, Ella will make you kick back and relax all the way.