Sort of posted this late, been a follower of the Iditarod for the longest time, whenever I have the time. Technology has made it easier and fun to follow this canine sport, the ultimate in canine endurance. Here is a quote from their website about the late Joe Redington Sr. the founder of Iditarod. I love this story, how the light bulb moment was switched on because of his love of the dogs, his love of this sport. I have a photo with him somewhere (pre-digital era) that I still have to look for (a friend of mine, SV and All-Breed Judge Mario Magsaysay has old school photos with his mentors and friends Walter and Herman Martin and some GSD legends that he still has to find too), yup those were them days. Here is the quote from the IDITAROD 2015 site. It is just a paragraph but tells the heart and soul of Iditarod. Don’t you just love a dog person!

For Joe Redington, the Father of the Iditarod, there were two most important reasons for the Iditarod Sled Dog race. He is quoted in Nan Elliot’s book, I’d Swap my Old Skidoo for You, “When I went out to the villages (in the 1950’s) where there were beautiful dogs once, a snow machine was sitting in front of a house and no dogs. It wasn’t good. I didn’t like that I’ve seen snow machines break down and fellows freeze to death out there in the wilderness. But dogs will always keep you warm and they’ll always get you there.” He was determined to bring back the sled dog to Alaska and to get the Iditarod Trail declared as a National Historic Trail.