Most of you now know that aside from writing, I also occasionally write speeches and messages. This is the reason for my amazement for speeches, essays and books in general. Being a catholic that tries his best to always attend Sunday mass, I look forward to Sundays homily, after all the homily is when God speaks to us. They say that theories of Homiletics are thrown out the window when the Homily is strongly blessed by the Holy Spirit. The study of Homiletics is so interesting yet so complicated. I believe it is the only science/study of oratory in this case Sermon, and debates in this case Religious discourse that had the best minds as teachers with some of them being my favorite Saints.

To get back on topic, todays Homily of the Pope in Tacloban is my favorite so far. Let me quote some lines that I took down with my best short hand, with a tear.

“Jesus is like us, Jesus lived like us, the same as us in every respect except sin but to be like more like us assumed sin…”

“Jesus always goes before us and when we pass an experience he passed before us.”

“Some of you lost families, all I can do is keep silent and walk with you with my silent heart.”

If you did not have some kind of or even a small epiphany after hearing this homily then I just don’t know.

I have always wondered why we never started with a prayer. So many times have I wanted to start the monthly meetings or committee meetings with a prayer or maybe a moment of silence, even when I was a young director in the 90’s, but I’m not sure if I have the moral ascendancy to do so. Most of the time I just say a prayer in private. Here is the Homily…I don’t think I’m worthy of making any comments much more a critique.