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JKC President Takemi Nagamura and author at the 2013 Tokyo FCI International

JKC President Takemi Nagamura and author at the 2013 Tokyo FCI International

No mistake folks, this article is about 2013 news, so when you read the next paragraph remember the timeline. I made this article a year ago but didn’t publish it because I wanted more information and validation, so it spent a year as a draft. I added more to it after speaking to a fourth person who was actually there. JKC seems to be taking things personally. During the 2014 February Asia and the Pacific Show held in Tokyo, some expense bills were handed to the leadership of the FCI Asia and the Pacific Section. And a Philippine Judge scheduled to judge on the same show was scratched from the list of judges at the last minute. I guess I was lucky I was not replaced when I did the December 2013 Tokyo FCI International (the coup happened on the September before my December Show), some say it had something to do with my Japanese family name, I would like to think it was something more than my being a Sansei. Personally, I agree with JKC, FCI Asia and the Pacific Section should foot the bill on some expenditures and the new leadership shouldn’t have been surprised. Regarding the Filipino judge who was removed from the list of judges at the last minute? I actually found it amusing. So here is an article that was meant to be published in December 2013. No real news for 2014 anyway, well the Director who owes PCCI hasn’t paid up and was reelected as Director, yup go figure.

A Happy and Prosperous 2015 New Year To All!

Just one more day is left before we step into the New Year that is 2014. There are a lot of matters that can be talked about during the past year that was 2013. The election of PCCI Directors, which turned out to be a messy affair with hanger-ons of course wanting to hang-on (sounds redundant) and dirty laundry being laundered in full regalia could be worthy news material. The continued in house war between directors, with directors wanting a piece of the PCCI treasure arguing they deserve it and that “if others can why can’t I attitude”, is probably news worthy. The Director that allegedly pocketed hundreds of thousands is also definitely news worthy.

To me the biggest news is the coup that happened in September 13, 2013 in Ooty India. During an FCI Asia and the Pacific meeting, the seated President Takemi Nagamura, President of the JKC since 2004, was replaced by Augusto Benedicto “Dinky” Santos III of the PCCI. The change of leadership to be said kindly was not on the agenda, but Dinky had enough warm bodies on his side to make things happen. I have spoken to 4 people who were actually there and they are my sources.

My story starts, at a Judges Development and Licensure Committee meeting in Manila, of which Dinky is a member. Dinky spoke to me about his plan to change the leadership of the FCI Asia and the Pacific Section through a no confidence vote. The initial discussion was could it be done even if it was not on the agenda? I told him that it would of course depend on the rules of the body and quoted Robert’s Rule of Order FAQ #20 How can we get rid of officers we don’t like before their term is up? Roberts Rules says that it can be done depending on the prepositions used if it is “or” or “and”. The use of “and” would have protected Nagamura San with due process (“”). I guess the preposition in their rules was “or” as Nagamura San was ousted. This is why the making of any By-Laws is very important. Dinky and I agreed that it might be best to bring a lawyer.

The next question I asked was why this had to be done and the answer I got was to change the status quo. JKC for the longest time stood as a member of the FCI General Committee because the leadership of the FCI Asia and the Pacific was a given to the JKC. Nagamura San was elected in August 25, 2011 at the FCI Asia and the Pacific General assembly held in Seoul Korea, he earned a 4 year term, which meant he would only be up for reelection in 2015.

That historical 13th day of September came in Ooty India. Dinky at one point was wary that he didn’t have the numbers to pull it off. Before the vote, delegates met in a hotel room upon the invitation of PCCI VP Ronnie Natividad, a firm commitment was counted with a promise of change. On that fateful day, sources say that Nagamura San got wind of the plan and did a loyalty check, at one point he allegedly believed he had enough pledges for him to stay on-classic Kubler-Ross “Stage of Denial”. Allegedly tempers and voices flared during this fateful meeting, something that did not surprise me, a coup after all is a bitter pill, a very bitter pill when the numbers are stacked against you as a leader. Sometime during the meeting Nagamura San allegedly made a proclamation that he wouldn’t step down much more turn over the leadership-classic Kubler-Ross “Stage of Anger”. Eventually those that supported Nagamura asked that he at least be allowed to finish his term till 2015-classic Kubler-Ross “Stage of Bargaining”. The coup was a success and eventually the FCI Website announced the new leadership. Dinky became the first non-Japanese to lead the Asia and the Pacific Section of the FCI.

Let me mention that Rafael De Santiago of Puerto Rico was newly elected in June 2013, just 4 months before all this, here is a nice news article from “Dog World”, the words of De Santiago are inspiring. De Santiago became the first non European to be elected in the history of the FCI.

JKC thought of uniting all the Asian countries in 1972 by forming the AKU. An organization that would make Asian Kennel Clubs a force to reckon with in the world wide canine community. Even before FCI decided to come up with the Asia and the Pacific Section in 2008, Asia already had the AKU. The default President has always been the President of the JKC and back then it was the 3rd President of the JKC Toyosaku Kariyabu, the man who would make the JKC the most powerful and influential Asian KC at the time. It was during the leadership of Kariyabu San that the JKC had it’s biggest growth. JKC would become an FCI Full Member in 1979. When I was a young director of PCCI in 1990, the board unanimously agreed to support the JKC President who would also be the AKU President and delegate to the FCI. The board agreed that to challenge JKC and to get involve with FCI politics was not in PCCIs best interest, it would cost us financially with no benefit to the ordinary paying member. I believe it was a sound decision at the time.

During the AKU conference in 1988 held here in the Philippines, Kariyabu San, then leader of the JKC and AKU, was asked how will supporting the AKU benefit an Asian country? AKU/JKC pledged to subsidize 2 Japanese judges every year to judge the countries annual AKU show, an amount of 2k USD given to the club annually to invite other Asian judges, JKC would subsidize the fare and accommodations of 2 delegates per country to every AKU conference. All this was agreed upon back then in 88, here in the Philippines. This support given by JKC back then wasn’t considered peanuts, even now actually. This is how JKC managed to lead the AKU and eventually the Asia and the Pacific Section through the years. The Asian delegation under the leadership of the JKC was an organized and solid team. It is said that during meetings of FCI, JKC would gather and meet the delegates of all the Asian Countries in attendance, a day before the meeting and would foot the bill during that day. JKC always made sure that all Asian delegates were on the same page as to topics on the agenda and issues. So organized was the AKU that the Asian delegation was always a solid vote and a force to reckon with. The leadership and AKU had a mind of it’s own that no one could mess with.

Here is a different point of view history of JKC.

Nagamura San spoke to me at the JKC dinner for Judges (I just judged the 2013 Tokyo FCI International Show this December, a different story to tell). He thought I was a recent past President of PCCI. I told him I was a very past President and not in the loop anymore with PCCI matters. He asked what I thought of what happened. I told him my personal view was that I disagreed in the manner it was done. Presently we do not need a divided Asia Pacific Section. Having said that, I said however “Everything changes and change is inevitable”, I then told Nagamura San that “now that it is all over, I am giving my full support to the leadership of Dinky San”. He then shook my hand with that slight bow only the Japanese can do, and said “You are the only one with common sense, yes you must support him.” I felt something in the tone of his words, maybe part of it disappointment, maybe part of it anger. I believe we haven’t heard the last of JKC, after all the country it represents is no push over. On the other hand, knowing that theirs is a culture of honor and integrity, I hope they eventually help out and support in someway and make the Asia and the Pacific FCI Section still a power to reckon with, even with this new leadership. A senior JKC Judge took me out to dinner after my judging. He served under Kariyabu San. This judge spoke highly about Kariyabu and with much reverence, however he sounded disappointed with the present JKC leadership. One of his concerns was the steady decrease in registration, which I believe is not the fault of Nagamura San as this is a worldwide problem in every country. Going back, some have described the new Asia and the Pacific FCI Section leader as ambitious and ill-prepared, I describe Augusto Benedicto Santos III as driven and dynamic.

“TIME FOR CHANGE”. So what is my personal take on this matter? I disagreed with the move from day 1, both the change of leadership, much more the manner of the change. I’m old fashioned and believe in respect, consideration and the gentlemanly ways. Rules are what keep a body, organization and society in order (unless a vote of no confidence is allowed in the rules/by-laws). Imagine the utter chaos of a society without rules. But after talking with Dinky on that day at JDLC meeting, part of me agreed with him but a small part of me believed there just had to be a better way to do it. I personally believe that this created a division in the Asia and the Pacific Section which is something we don’t need right now. I personally believe further that other continent kennel clubs are getting their act together and uniting. The old boys club, the Euros are probably working to get back the leadership of the FCI. Right now a united Asia and the Pacific Section is better than a divided one. But then I guess Dinky is right that it is time for change. I spoke to an officer of a Asia and the Pacific Section member who was present at the time and who chose to support Nagamura San, who firmly believed that the leadership of JKC provided AKU members a useful financial benefit. I disagreed, and said maybe at that time 25 years ago back then, it did. But now, the majority of Asian Kennel Clubs have matured by leaps and bounds with significant increase in number of registrations, increase in members, increase in affiliate clubs, increase in dog shows and most importantly-increase in finances as compared to the 70’s. The support that the JKC gave through the AKU IF stopped will not paralyse the operations of any of the major Asian Kennel Clubs of today.

All things ideal? Nagamura San should have been allowed to finish his term. However even Buddha said “Everything changes, nothing remains without change”. In the case of the FCI Asia and the Pacific Section leadership, the change just came early and this early change may be the sign of new things to come.

To the FCI Asia and the Pacific Section members, let’s work and support the new leadership and make the Asia and the Pacific Section the power that is Asia.

A Happy and Prosperous 2014 To All Of You!