This is my first post using my phone. They say you are what you read. The 12 books from the left are from “Book Sale”. Yup, the Japanese Ilocano in me never buys retail. The big find was #2. the Mazower book recommended to me by Teddy Boy Locsin Jr., quite costly at your fav bookstore, so when I found it at BS, I didn’t let go. My favorite for the year is #8. “The Professor And The Madman” A Tale Of Murder, Insanity, And The Making Of The Oxford Dictionary. A very interesting read. I know I bought a few more this past year but I still have to find them.

1. “The Sailing Bible” less than Php250. My passion right now is sailing, though I’m just a Dinghy sailor, I hope to move up to a Hobie and maybe move up to a Keelboat.

2. “Governing The World” The History Of An Idea by Columbia historian Mark Mazower. Explains Globalization through the years. Chapter 12. “The Real New International Economic Order” is a source for another Canine article. Less than Php250.

3. “Getting Up And Down” by Tom Watson, a 1983 goody. When I got in the sport in the 70’s he was the Tiger Woods at the time and who also happens to be a very good course strategist and teacher. This one less than Php150.

4. “The Death Of Money” was a exchange gift just this Christmas. By James Rickards, I’m halfway through, interesting premises and conclusions so far. Basically he predicts the collapse of the present international monetary system. I still have to read his best seller “Currency Wars”.

5. “New York” by Jesse Zuba. This is from Bloom’s Literary Places Series. Harold Bloom is a Sterling Professor of humanities at Yale. This series of books looks at the literary history of a city, in this case New York. This is my 2nd fav book find for 2014. Less than Php100.

6.”Piano” by James Barron. There is something about old school craftsmanship, this tells the story of how a Steinway Concert Grand is built form start to end. Less than Php150.

7. “Dog, Inc.” by John Woestendiek. A very interesting book on the cloning industry of dogs. Less than Php100.

8. “The Professor And The Madman” A Tale Of Murder, Insanity, And The Making Of The Oxford Dictionary. This is my favorite book find for 2014. The very interesting story of a very important book-The Oxford Dictionary. Less than Php100.

9. “The Jesuit Guide” by James Martin SJ. I bought retail but dirt cheap at PB, Php300! It’s listed price is USD 16.99, so Php300 is a very good price. As if I don’t have enough books on Ignatius.

10. “A Brief History Of Time” From The Big Bang To Black Holes. By Stephen Hawking for Php20! I bought it to replace my copy that wasn’t returned. Never lend a book that you want returned.

11. “Understand Ethics” by Mel Thomson. Thomson is a best selling author on topics of philosophy, religion and ethics. This is my 3rd favorite book find for 2014. Less than Php100.

12. “An Ignatian Book Of Days” by Jim Manney. This one isn’t actually mine but Cidette’s. She attended an Ignatian Conference in Hong Kong and bought this. It is a 365 daily reading specifically with Ignatian Spirituality in mind. Cost-the love of husband and wife. 🙂

The six books from the right are from my library. These are books that I pulled from my main library, to refer to or reread. These ones are within easy reach from my night stand. These are all Book Sale finds, all cheap. The interesting find is “A Small Treatise On The Great Virtues” The Uses Of Philosophy In Everyday Life by French Philosopher Andre Comte-Sponville, less than Php150. I love this book which is why it is always within reach. “Cicero” The Life And Times Of Rome’s Greatest Politician by Anthony Everitt. This is another favorite among my books, on the greatest statesman and philosopher, less than Php150.

I think I’ll go back to my fountain pen and paper. Yup 2014 had a lot of good finds that were all good reads.