I still get surprised of blatant “petty graft” much more whole scale graft. Using the company vehicle for personal use, nonchalantly using company funds for personal use and non official business. Skimming off the cost of projects and purchases like it is business as usual. Everyone says it is a way of life, not just in our country but in others. Maybe it is about time to include it in our schools curriculum. Good manners and right conduct starting in Kinder up to the time they graduate college and Ethics from Middle School up to the time they graduate college.

I read this article a few months back, I might have read it on the WSJ, I remember cutting the article for future reference. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find the clipping anymore but do remember the title and that it was an AP article. But then everything is in the net and found it. Even Italy, the home of fast cars, expensive bags, good food and Catholics, realize it is time to study.


I hope their are still a few good men who do not need this education.