Finished my surgery early. Super typhoon Hagupit is in the air. I took a look at the skies and realized dark clouds started to cast an eerie spell, foreboding flash floods and turning the Metro into a massive parking lot with knotted tentacles of gridlock. We are furnishing a new clinic by repurposing some of the existing furnishing from the old. So both old and new clinics are a mess with work to the point of hyperallergenic. With time, humidity and wind speed creeping the direction of North and pressure and temperature South, I decided to bail out early and kill time on high ground. Having said all that, let’s pray that the country is spared from this super typhoon. Nursing a tall Christmas blend, again fingers fiddling, skimming the keyboard, listening to “Charlie Brown Christmas” on what my kids call an old school Ipod (sounds like an oxymoron), fingers twiddling my 149, wondering what to write about…I’ve decided to come up with a PCCI Christmas Wish List Part II…a long one .

Part I was written eons ago, published in the Gazette and I know is somewhere deep in the soul of a hard drive of an outdated desk top that I still have to find. One thing on the Part I wish list was to create a Registration Committee. The main purpose of the committee was to help deload the corporate secretary’s work so the sec can focus on running the club. The job of the secretary to check and verify registration documents are just too enormous as the club continues to grow. Lo and behold the committee was indeed formed. As always, no clear guidelines and rules were formulated for the committee. Recently the committee was killed because the last chairman botched running the committee. It’s a shame because this committee, IF properly run, should have a very important role, after all isn’t PCCI a registering body? It is so characteristic of this board to make knee jerk reactions and decisions to issues without looking at the bigger picture that includes the future.

I would bring back the Registration Committee and maybe the Rules and Regulations Committee. The Rules and Regulations Committee I believe was formed by Bob Castaños. But when I got onboard this year I realized that these committees didn’t exist anymore. A new committee that was formed was the Ethics Committee, a brilliant brain child of Director Fred Salud. Major organizations and corporations have one. I’m honored to be a part of this committee composed of Fred, Dr. Ray Lo and Basilio Yap, 3 men I respect and hold in high regard. I did suggest that we trim down the number of committees to cut down on costs, lessen the Standing and just create Ad Hocs as needed. Another thing on the Christmas Wish List Part I was to review the implementing guidelines of the planned Microchipping Program. Again…lo and behold…the project was put on hold. This is Sub Judice so I will leave it at that.

So here it goes, my PCCI Christmas Wish List for 2014. It is a long list because the club needs a lot of work. A couple are attainable, the rest are for my and everyone else’s dreams, but maybe, just maybe, we just might get lucky like Part I, after all it’s Christmas.

1. A conscious effort to save. Self explanatory.
2. Implement the 2008 By-Laws, court has ordered it anyway if I’m not mistaken (referred to as the “Term Limit By-Laws”) BUT eventually review it for further tweaking. In my 10 year absence the By-Laws were amended twice! Yup twice! Can you imagine that! In fact these same by-laws have led to lawsuits! I always liked the Trillo By-Laws (probably turning in his grave for the mess the club is in), it was honest and simple, probably in need of fine tuning. I would specifically add a section titled Finance under which detailed expenditure procedures and auditing would be defined. Another section for Conflict of Interest. Harsh sanctions for an officer proven to have done an action not in the best interest of the club ie. misuse of funds. I would start with a couple of FGD’s (Focused Group Discussion) with the right people before actually starting the actual process of amending. The composition of those who will participate is the key, noisemakers without credibility will not be included.
3. Settle all lawsuits that can be settled once and for all (in fairness there is an
effort to do this).
4. Case summary/reports for all pending lawsuits.
5. Transparency-
a) A coherent set of accounting procedures and standards that all funds spent had the proper authority.
b) All transactions are entered accurately.
c) A complete audit trail that can be accessed by anyone.
6. Discuss with the Vet Association the possibility of less vaccinations in low risk areas.
7. That the price of my favorite dog food eventually goes down now that fuel has gone down 30% and continues to go down.
8. That the discourse in board meetings improve to a 3 digit IQ level more often.
9. Since I’m on a roll-How about a reorganization of the leadership 🙂
10. And of course Ana Ivanovic under the mistletoe.
11. Transparency…oh I’ve wished for that already.


1. Hope, Humility, Love, Peace and Unity and everything His birth in a manger stands for.
2. A solution to poverty.

I hope I made you smile! 🙂

Let me end this with something more lively…