This article is coming out in the December Gazette.

I told my Editor that I was inclined not to submit an article this time for the Gazette. Apparently my last article poked someone hard in the rectum. I was told I now have a target not just on my back but also on my balding pate and to be ready for anonymous txts of intrigues and innuendos against me. I will continue to make an effort to come up with well written and researched articles to inform you and in a way entertain you. For the meantime allow me to submit this article by Lori Borgman. This was forwarded from one email to another like wildfire when the article came out in 1998 at a speed that we now call viral. I remember back then the absence of a byline and felt it was not fair to the person who wrote such a wonderful piece. I saved the email for future use and recently retrieved it for this purpose. Any writer worth his salt knows that acknowledgement is sacred lest you be accused of plagiarism or you write for a tabloid blog. Yours truly did the research and sent emails.

And there it was on my screen, on the 22nd of September 2014, I receive an email from her allowing me to reproduce the article and asking me to give her a byline at the beginning and a tagline at the end. I told her I would be honored. Lori Borgman is an author, columnist and speaker. Her website is and her twitter account is Lori Borgman @loriborgman, which I happen to follow. If you’ve read this with no byline, now you know who is the brilliant writer behind it. If this article still pokes someone where the sun doesn’t shine, then I just don’t know what to write about anymore.

Great article Lori! Now if C.S. can resurrect himself into the boardroom, show ring, canine ownership and breeding programs…what a wonderful world.

My condolences to the family of Justo Lopez. A pillar of the Pekingese Breed who has kept the breed going through the years. To the family of Joji San Jose, my condolences as well. Joji lit the bulb that gave everyone else the inspiration to start a decent business in pet supplies. To both of you guys, I’m sure you’re in the heavens talking shop with Saint Roch and Saint Francis.

And to everyone else, Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!