Haven’t used the Tagaytay crib as much as I’d want to this year. Last weekend, we prepped the place for the Christmas Holidays. Peace and quiet, cool December evenings, crickets chirping, the occasional howl of a gust of wind, or one of my favorites-when the fog embraces the whole house and even snuggles up inside, these are the things I love about Christmas in Tagaytay. Yup I can’t believe I’ve traded all this up, this past year, for something else. The place is away from Tagaytay road, has no signal, no cable, well there is a signal somewhere in the house, I know I can get a sat but that would defeat the purpose of a vacation house. I’ve stocked the house with books, a chess set, backgammon, books, a favorite bottle of bourbon, a favorite bottle of Japanese single malt, books, a putting green and more books. I know the place sounds boring with out the ubiquitous internet and cable tv. In fact it sounds like a cross between a boring man cave and a library, but I have everything I need to clear my mind, to write as much as my heart’s desires, plus the view of the lake is to die for.

Someone has been criticising my blog for not having enough hits. I spoke about it to some of my writer friends and they told me not to sweat it because it just means my writing works. They all told me that my blog is honest/ethical, no name calling, and most of all does not hide behind anonymity, that alone means something because I take responsibility for what I write and I’m ready to face any consequence. I always made the appropriate disclaimers or acknowledgements. When I started this, it really wasn’t about the hits or stats, in fact at some point I neglected it for a couple years (the years of the decline of blogging). This blog was started during the years of my need for speed. Originally intended to share information with friends with the same passion which was biking, scootering, motorcycling and most of all to hone my writing. If I made a criticising article I would always try to offer some form of solution. It isn’t about intrigues, name calling, crying like a baby, bitching or hating, it’s just all about honest writing. As I have said at one point I even neglected this blog for as long as 2 years because at one point I thought I would rather be called a writer than a blogger. I will continue to write and post for this blog with the intention of informing and entertaining people. Checkout my very first post in the Canine Category-https://withinzones2to8.wordpress.com/2008/03/08/concerned-pcci-members/, these are the people that keeps me writing dog related stories.

Tagaytay here I come…It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.