It’s very easy to have a platform for this coming elections. Promises of the usual membership wants of-transparency, austerity, implementation of term limits, leaving FCI and reverting back to AKC blah, blah; are words that will get you proxies and votes BUT as I always say and have even blogged in a previous post is how do you plan to implement all of this?

One conclusion given as to why I was taken into this group was to bring in some credibility and integrity. I’m flattered that people still have high regards for me, unfortunately the consequence of this are high expectations. I have told almost everyone first things first-I need to get elected to the board. Next is to gather enough votes in the board on my side so I can effect change. Both first and second are no easy feats, the second being the most challenging. I have been known to rock the boat or stop the boat from rocking if it is what it takes to do what is right. This is why I have been in and out of the Board, depending on whose boat I have tried to stop from rocking or tried to rock, has been the reason why at times I have not been re-elected in the past.

Having said all of this, what can you expect from me IF I get elected? Yours truly will definitely not be a rubber stamp. The rest of my plans I will post IF AND WHEN I get elected.