I noticed some 2T oil under my PX just below the tip of the exhaust. I went down on my knees to take a better look and noticed that the oil was coming from where the 2T oil tank would be, dripping on the top of the exhaust, run down the tip of the tail pipe then down to the floor.

I brought her to the nearest Vespa shop and was given the possible problems-1. A cracked oil sight glass, 2. An old oil hose that’s cracked, 3. A loose oil tank union bolt. The shop was busy Friday so I made an appointment for Monday, but Typhoon Bebeng decided to rain cats and dogs Sunday and Monday so I brought her in today Tuesday just before lunch time. Left her at the shop and went to hold clinic. I asked them to also adjust the seat, since I installed the Vigano rear rack, it’s been hard to open the saddle. I also had the carb checked since I always have to close the tap to avoid flooding. It was also time to change the gear oil.

I picked her up past 5PM after my clinic. The final diagnosis was a cracked oil sight glass, brittle oil and fuel hoses. So shes got a new oil sight glass, new hoses, the oil tank union bolt checked and tightened. The seat can now be easily opened, the gear oil changed, the carb got cleaned. The common cause for flooding is a worn out float needle, the float needle was fine. You can fix all these problems by diy but I wasn’t in the mood, service cost isn’t that much anyway. It avoids getting my hands dirty, and my patients wondering why their surgeon has oil stained fingers.

As most of us Vespistis will say-“Always the long way home when on a Vespa”. So I took the long way home. When I got home, I detailed her after a reliable summer season of riding. I love my PX200!

Ride Safe Always!