Been doing some research on the best hot weather gear. I was surprised to come across a controversy. The Philippines is relatively a hot and humid country. What we have is the summer season that can start as early as early as February but normally starts in March and ends in May but can stretch to June after which you have the rainy season which can reach up to December, the heaviest rains are in July to October. December to February are the cool months, January being the coolest. During these cool months you can still have rains but not as much as the monsoon season of July to October.

Though summer is almost over I decided to do some research on the latest on Hot weather riding gear. I wear for my metro commute and nearby long jaunts a RST mesh jacket, an Icon Mil-Spec vest, Alpinestars Kevlar Jeans, RST leather gloves, a cotton balaclava and a full face LS2 helmet. It’s a fairly cool setup when you are moving but can still get you warm when you are standing still in traffic. I am presently tempted to go back to a 3/4 helmet because of the heat but recently found out something interesting.

Some articles claim that the effects of hot air rushing in through a mesh jacket and through the opening of your full face much more your 3/4 helmet and can still heat you up. This is similar to the cooking device called a Turbo-Broiler. The same articles claim that for temperatures of 96 degrees Fahrenheit/35.5 degrees Celsius, you are better off zipping up the vents of your jacket, wearing wet inner shirts, or cooling vests than lettings hot air rush and hit your body.

So what am I doing right now. I still wear the same gear but now I wear a cotton sleeveless shirt inside, before wearing it I soak it with water from the fridge, wring it then wear it. I do the same thing with the balaclava. I guess there has to be more research on this matter that will factor in humidity.

I don’t think there is any controversy on the need to hydrate. Even before you ride hydrate to the point you need to take a leak before you ride, this would mean that the rest of your body is hydrated. Take the route that is more cooler. Ride early morning or later afternoon. Avoid 11am=2pm. Take a break to hydrate and cool off your core temp at regular intervals.

Ride Safe Vespistis!