This is not a versus article it’s just about news and info about both registering bodies.

I have been in the process of acquiring my All-Breeds License under PCCI. The present chairperson of the JDLC is now Simon Sim. I’ve known Simon way back in the 80’s when he was a young man starting into Rottweilers to being one of the pillars of the breed. I met him the very first time when he came to check out an American Champion Rottweiler that I just imported. He is very active in the dog sport, having been President of the Philippine Rottweiler Club Inc., charter member and adviser of the Philippine Bullmastiff Club Inc. He has been chairperson or member of different PCCI committees. He is an in and out director of PCCI depending on the political situation. I have worked with him in the PCCI board and he is always a welcome addition to the board as well as to any committee. He isn’t a once a month during board meetings only director nor a power tripping one. I was one of the JDLC chairperson or committee member to have been part of his process in getting his All-Breed. Now he is the JDLC chairperson behind my final process to getting my All-Breed License. Simon is a busy All-Breed judge, he is also a CD obedience judge.

PCCI has now added The Kennel Club as the newest foreign club that recognizes the accuracy of our documentation through a reciprocity arrangement. Another feather on the cap for PCCI, I tip my hat to the board of directors and of course to Dinky Santos. An all-breed judge to watch out for is Maribel Sy. The word in the show circuit is that she is doing a good job as canine adjudicator. She is a consistent judge, very organized ring procedure, and very good eye, the air of authority is very evident when she is in the ring. She was very gracious in letting me judge the sporting group during one of her all-breeds assignments last year and I was able to see her in action. Another judge to watch out for is Dr. Ray Lo, also a medical practitioner like me. His integrity and credibility both in and out of the dog scene is beyond reproach. Ray is also making heads turn and getting praises from fellow judges and exhibitors. He should be an all-breed judge in no time. Watch out for these two judges-Maribel Sy and Dr. Ray Lo.

Regarding the relationship of PCCI and AKCUPI, you definitely cannot get your dog registered with AKCUPI if your dog is PCCI registered. You can but you run the risk of losing your PCCI membership and one of your privileges as a PCCI member is to own PCCI registered dogs which is your most important bnefit. I honestly don’t see why one would want to be AKCUPI registered if one is already registered with PCCI. So you really have to choose which body you want to be a member of, you can’t be a member of both. I have discussed what I think are the benefits of each in a previous post. Right now I think the only observed benefit of being with AKCUPI are the lower fees. The question is? Can they maintain the price war?

I’ve been told by an AKCUPI insider that their registration stats are increasing every year and that any rumored squabbles are minor and not political as compared to PCCI issues among directors. They claim that their puppies are being sold at the same price as that of PCCI puppies. This is against rumors that buyers of pet dogs are looking for PCCI registered puppies forcing pet shops to sell AKCUPI dogs at a lower price. One thing definite is that they are regularly having dog shows adjudicated by foreign judges. There are rumors that their judges aren’t licensed judges but breeders. They are presently affiliated with an organization that is sort of equivalent to FCI which is also called FCI and an Asian organization that is equivalent to the AKU. They are coming out with their own publication next month (maybe I should write for them). I guess the bottom line with regard to AKCUPI is that they are still in the dog scene and not loosing steam.