A very popular Philippine dish. It really can’t be called a stew as there are recipes without any sauce base at at all. How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman claims that his friends refer to it as the “…the best chicken dish in the world…” yet his recipe is not very popular over here in the country. His recipe involves grilling or broiling of the chicken which I have tried and it is indeed very good. However one of the interesting thing about adobo is that it is suppose to be a dish that is quick and easy to make and tastes better when reheated. My favorite ingredients are chicken, garlic, vinegar and soy sauce. Sometimes I can take pork but I really like it falling apart tender. Everyone indeed will claim to have the best recipe for Adobo…in fact some South American will make this claim…but I believe there will be a very good chance one can only have it here in the Philippines.

Here is an interesting article on this very popular Filipino dish.