The Boxer Club of the Philippines held their 25th Douglas Uytengsu Nationals and Pre-Nationals on the 29th of Novemebr 2009 at the Fort Bonifacio High Street. I was the judge for the Pre-Nationals.

The Boxer Club happens to be one of my favorite breed clubs. At one point I would always be invited yearly to judge a specialty show but I guess word has gone around about my professional priorities which is why I haven’t been judging lately. I was invited to judge the Pre-Nationals last year but an emergency business trip to Miami had me bailing out at the last minute and Bong Nat taking the cudgels.

This particular show reminded me of the glory days of the BCPI during the times of Tony Aguenza and LiAnne Aguenza Bernas, Maripi and Lito Cristobal, Richard Syling, Lorelei Uy and of course the late Suki Ilagan, these guys and gals were very dynamic, infact Lito Cristobal, Chito Ilagan and Richard Syling were also PCCI directors that I’ve had the privilege of working with. I also tried to recruit Lorelei for the PCCI board but was politely turned down. Back then, we always looked forward to being invited to a BCPI Nationals and as a PCCI Director I was regularly invited. Their Nationals back then were held at the Manila Polo Club and they were the first I believe to hold a dog show at a hotel ball room.

The show ground at Bonifacio High Street drew alot of attention and yet maintained a classy atmosphere. The Show Chairman Simon Sim is a veteran when it comes to show and ring procedures as well as a very experienced judge himself. My Ring Steward is also a very experienced steward-Annabelle Villacorte. Everything was smooth as clockwork with nary a hitch.

Congratulations to the present BCPI Board of Directors and to Teng Clemente BCPI Prez for understanding my predicament last year and still inviting me to judge this year.

I will be updating this post with photos soon…