I’m getting the impression that my “PCCI vs AKCUPI” series of articles has raised some PCCI eyebrows.  From the start I made it clear that I was on PCCIs side. I just blogged about recent events and what could be read and heard through the grapevine. On the other hand the bulk of e-mail I am getting are from members, who just like me, are staying with PCCI but are indeed concerned about their club.  A lot of us members have decided to be loyal to PCCI no matter what rumors, anonymous sms and e-mails or blogs they read that rants about or bashes our club. The majority of the members believe in the institution that is PCCI but I guess the leadership is another matter. I’ve been asked by some to give my no holds barred 10 cents worth on what PCCI should do but I feel that this will just get me involved in the politics of it all. Oh well

I plan to blog my old articles in the the Gazette and to blog about the Baden scene by visiting the AsoniAl Kennels and also check out the PhilippineK9SAR.