I’m sure there are so many threads and posts and blogs about Fancis Magalona but there is no harm in helping spread the word about this musician who made us proud to be Filipinos. Here is “Kaleidoscope World”, Francis M. was a guest of Parokya (another favorite band of mine who happen to be Ateneans). Please click on further to YouTube so you can watch and listen to “3 Stars and the Sun”. “3 Stars and the Sun” will make your hair stand up, head bang (mildly of course) in unison and just feel proud to be Pinoy! Francis M. I feel came at a time when we had forgotten about EDSA Revolution I. It was a time when we found a new freedom after the martial law regime and eventually wallow in colonial excess to this day. He reminded us to be Filipinos.

I am an American by birth, born in Chicago Illinois or what is now called Barack country. I was raised a Filipino by a father who was raised the traditional Ilocano way-which was to work hard and live an austere life. My citizenship allows me to petition my family to also become American citizens but they chose to stay Filipinos. Everyone just can’t get why my family has chosen to stay as Filipinos when they have such an easy shot at the American dream. “…the land of my birth…I take no bullshit…this land is sacred…ready to defend the 3 Stars and the Sun!” To Cidette, Nicka and Niki-I’m proud you chose 3 stars and the sun!