I’ve been asked which am I endorsing? I’ve answered most queries by saying “I’m partial to PCCI”. On the other hand I never put down AKCUPI. It really will depend on what’s your bottom line, what is important to you.

Economic conditions will always play a role. Everyone is a bargain hunter and it is a known psychological fact, that all things being equal one will buy what has the better value. The question is AKCUPI equal to PCCI?

When AKCUPI was in its conception I was asked by its organizers what I thought. My initial answer was why not? The AKC was founded in 1884 and 15 years later the UKC (United Kennel Club) was founded in 1898. Today in the United States due to the advances in information and technology, you now have the American Dog Breeders Association, the United Canine Association, the United Canine Registry and the list goes on.

Going back to AKCUPI, I told them that it might be difficult at first. I told them you will be identified as the disgruntled group BUT what will matter is the service you will provide. I told them as a start AKCUPI ahould be satisfied that owners will want them as a secondary document to PCCI. AKCUPI will be a “nice to have” document together with a PCCI document. I told them their goal is to convince the person selling puppies that the value of their puppies are higher when they have both PCCI and AKCUPI documentation and not just PCCI documents alone. I told them this should be good enough for AKCUPI for the moment as PCCI is established and recognized already. I told them that this should be your short term target/goal.

For their long term target/goal- to convince dog owners that the only document they need is an AKCUPI document. I told them that this will be the difficult part of their endeavor.To get the needed recognition, my advice to them was to get their registration process ISO certified. I told them that I believe PCCI is not working on ISO certification because they are already satisfied with the validation of the major kennel clubs like AKC, CKC and The Kennel Club and being a member of AKU and FCI. ISO certification of AKCUPI procedures can probably make a dog owner think that the only document they need is an AKCUPI document. I told them ISO certification will open not just doors but windows. If they get ISO certification ahead of PCCI it should be a feather on their cap even if PCCI follows suit. I’m betting that PCCI is now considering ISO certification after reading this post.

I told them they have to see this thru no matter what. I told them their tenacity is what will matter. The lower price for services is a given and I would’ve raised an eyebrow if they kept their prices at par with PCCI. I told them to try to avoid politics (which I guess is really impossible). I told them to try to keep controversial people at the fringes and not in the lime light (another impossibility).

SO! What’s my POV regarding AKCUPI. They are getting a decent number of registrations already. So that means you wouldn’t be alone. If cost is important to you (isn’t it important to all of us?); if FCI, AKU, AKC, CKC, TKC recognition is not important to you and will not make you love your dog any less then get your dog AKCUPI registered. If what you have is a puppy with PCCI documents and you have budgetary constraints then register your pup with AKCUPI because it will be cheaper. If you you plan to use your dogs for future breeding and you want AKCUPI documents for your future litters then I guess you have to register your breeding stock with AKCUPI. If you want to enter your dogs in AKCUPI dog shows then I guess you have to register with AKCUPI.

IF your dog is already registered with PCCI, you are not a breeder, you are not an exhibitor then just stay with PCCI. The additional registration will cost you extra considering you are already registered with PCCI. Most of all you have the added bonus that your documents have the imprimatur of FCI, AKU, AKC, CKC and TKC.

In the end it really will be your decision. Right now because of the ruling of the RTC you can play on both fields. Me? My dog stays with PCCI as well as my membership. I have explained my reasons to my friends in AKCUPI and  they all jokingly say that it’s ok since PCCI is going to collapse soon.

There is a saying in the medical field-“Don’t be the first to accept the new, don’t be the last to abandon the old”. I hope all of us dog owners play it out right.