The PCCI vs AKCUPI saga continues. Just last Friday the 6th of February 2009. The QC RTC ruled in favor of AKCUPI. This ruling prevents PCCI from implementing the new By-Laws that of course the present board penned. They probably created some sort of rule that will sanction a member who joins a club like AKCUPI. So I guess those who joined AKCUPI get a lease on life on their PCCI membership.

I heard that friends of mine were on different sides of this issue during these past days in court. Friends that I’ve shared a drink or two, sat with as we cheered for the Ateneo. It really is unfortunate that inherently nice people involved in a simple sport that involves mans best friend are on different sides of a lawsuit.

Word going around through hushed conversations, anonymous sms and e-mails and a blog has it that some affiliated clubs have decided to disaffiliate themselves. 15 employees have resigned from the club since 06. Membership is on a downward trend. Show entries are also on a downward trend. They lost 7 Million Pesos in funds during their watch and haven’t done anything concrete about it. Just recently lost this case with AKCUPI which they are spending so much time and effort and most of all money. They spend hundreds of thousands on travel expenses for trips that would hardly benefit the general membership.

I have decided to stay away from direct involvement with PCCI politics and chose judging to be my only involvement with the club. But when I hear stories/rumors like this whether true or not, it just makes me shake my head in disbelief. I constantly refuse to believe all of these but what used to be just a whiff of smoke is beginning to be a raging fire.

The mistake of PCCI is to threaten their members from joining the other club. They spent our funds on a threatening campaign instead of spending these funds on improving services for the members and getting their act together, to show the membership why they should stay. They went on a negative campaign,  instead of focusing on the general membership. During my early years in the board (I was still a medical intern) I was attracted to the dog show aspect of PCCI but later on (a starting general surgeon) my advocacy was the general membership through registration, they are the lifeline of PCCI.

What would be my 10 cents worth for the board? Abandon the lawsuits, these lawsuits will not stop the ordinary member who is just looking for change and fed up with the status quo from transferring to the other club. Instead, use the funds for legal fees to improve services further, think of long term projects to improve services. The vengeful attitude really wont work. In golf/country clubs, I don’t know of a club that prevents you from joining other clubs. This is the same with hobby clubs, NGOs or civic orgs.

When your membership is down that means they just need a piece of paper called a pedigree and nothing more, they don’t want to waste their money on membership renewal. I would like to believe that this is because of the economy and not because they do not believe in the leadership of the club. Do not forget that the ordinary member is not a ordinary nut or bolt in the club but an important cog for PCCI to function. I’m still hedging my bets with PCCI, because what ever happens the institution will always be there. Directors come and go.

Thomas Jefferson said “…the two tennets of good governance-is wisdom and frugality…in the book of wisdom the first chapter is honesty.”

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