Last Christmas I bought myself a new board helmet in the form of a Matt Green Pro-Tec Ace Dig. It is their basic board helmet with the addition of a visor.

Back in the late 90’s, the only available board helmet locally was the KnuckleBone brand which was hard to find so quite rare. I was able to acquire a hardshell board helmet back then at a steal.  It was generic, made in Japan and scooter/moped certified. It served me well whenever I would do any aggressive riding. My recent trip to the United States last November 08 made me aware of visored skate board helmets, this particular type of helmet is the helmet of choice of most police authorities on bikes. The brand that I noticed was Bell.

I came across the Pro-Tec at a local board shop named Stoked. It cost me Pesos 3.5K (USD 74). Like most board helmets, the Ace Dig is heavy and lacks ventilation. On the plus side it covers a good portion of your noggin. The frontal bone (forehead), the thinnest part of your skull-temporal bone (temple and above your ear), occiput (back of your skull) are all well covered by a thick shell of EPS. Their EPS has the SXP technology which means that after impact, the EPS rebounds back to shape making the EPS ready for another hit in the event of multiple tumbles in a crash. If that is the main purpose of the SXP then it is a good thing. Anyway, I always replace my helmet after I figure in a crash and the helmet gets a hit regardless if the EPS gets broken (it should if the helmet is properly designed) or not.

An interesting thing about this helmet is that it is endorsed for riot cop situations. So I guess if you figure in a traffic altercation with a cage driver, you are not just protected for a crash but also some form of assault to the head. I don’t think it can be compared to a minimalist XC helmet, maybe not even to the Fox Flux or the Giro equivalent of the Flux as to weight, ventilation and comfort. The Ace Dig has a visor that works and gives it a bikers helmet persona.

I usually use a board helmet for my aggressive mtb rides or for nite riding. Right now the Ace Dig is on the expensive side as the 661 Mullet can be had for half the price but without a visor. The Pro-Tec Cyphon does look  lighter, better ventilated and has a retention system, unfortunately it isn’t available locally.