Apparently my favorite 2T oil Motul 600 is not available anymore here in the Philippines. As I was going through my shed I noticed that I was out of Motul 600, I’ve been faithfully using this oil for the past 4 years and would’ve been on my 5th year had it still been available. I went to several motorcycle parts shop and they were all out. One scootershop had a mineral based Motul 2T oil but not a 600 of which they were selling at Pesos 750/liter bottle ( USD 16 at todays exchange rate)! One motorcycle parts shop where I used to get my Motul 600 informed me that the importer of Motul has no definitive answer as to when they will be bringing in the 600 back in. Other Motul 4T oil is readily available. They then started to sell me Repsol 2T Syntetico at Pesos 290/liter bottle (USD 6) a USD 10 savings! Research in the net revealed that it is one of Repsols premium products. So hopefully this product will pan out well for me.

I believe this will be a future problem as 2 stroke scoots are quickly being eased out of the transportation picture. The production and supply of 2T oil will go down as the demand will go down. The ones who produce it or have it will be able to price it exorbitantly based on the law of supply and demand. I guess at a certain point it will be difficult to pamper our 2 stroke Vespas with premium 2T oil. For the meantime, I will be hoarding this Repsol product.