What is the best 2T oil for your 2 stroke Vespa? The Italian Piaggio Manual that I have recommends the following Castrol TTS-IS, AGIP 2T Racing Plus, IP PRO GPX 2 Stroke or Agip 2T Touring. The manual also recommends 95 Octane petrol or Unleaded. When referring to the Haynes manual, it also recommends a good quality oil.

The recommended Castrol and Agip products are premium products. Regarding the IP PRO GPX 2 STROKE, I still can’t find any information regarding this product. So we go back to the same question-what to use. An article I read in Scootering recommends a premium oil and high octane when your 2 stroke Vespa is kitted or when you will be going on a long touring trip which will mean your engine running on constantly at a high speed. One guru I spoke to recommends only the best. One guru says it really doesn’t matter as long as your 2 stroke is properly tuned. I remember going to the shop to have a PX150 decarbonized, I was using a Bosch spark plug, 95 Octane and Motul 600 Full Syn. Another PX150 was also there to be decarbonized, he was also using the same Bosch sparkplug and the same petrol BUT he was using a Shell Mineral based 2T oil. We both had our scoots decarbonized 18 months previously and regularly maintained/tuned. Everything was apples to apples except for the oil we use. The cylinder head of my scoot and the top of my piston was definitely dirtier than the other scoot. My mechanic told me it was my riding style which was laid back and stop and go commute while the other scoot was regularly used for touring at least once a year and his commute had long stretches of road. Of course this is not a scientific process. I guess the point here is that riding style probably also matters and not just the type of 2T oil, the petrols octane or the brand of plug.

What about the issue of adding/premixing some 2t oil in your fuel tank aside from the auto oil metering system of your late model Px? This has something to do I guess with the saying that “more is better”. I have heard about late model Pxs seizing even when oil was added to their fuel tank and on the other hand I know a couple of guys who trusted the auto oil metering of their Px and yet they seized.  The people I know who add more are guys who have kitted their Pxs and those who go on a tour, believing that these situations are more stressful than ordinary. I personally trust the auto oil metering device of my Px even when my last Px150E had a Pinasco. I read in the Haynes Manual that “Apart from creating excess smoke, the addition of oil will make the mixture much weaker, with the consequent risk of overheating and engine seizure. The oil pump alone should provide full engine lubrication.” Personally this is what I follow.

So again what do we use? Legend has it that the Px can be fed with the crappiest petrol and 2T oil and will still religiously serve you. You really can use any brand whether mineral, syn based or full syn, low octane or high octane on your 2 stroke Vespa, it just boils down to how much you value your Vespa.  Almost all literature and gurus recommend different brands of oil with the bottom line I guess being at least good quality oil if not premium oil. Most of my research with fussy/purist gurus recommends that you always use the same type/brand of oil than mix it with a different type/brand with every fill up. This is much more important when you are using a syn oil, make sure you refill with the same syn oil that is already in your system and not a different brand/type much more a different brand mineral oil. In fact most of the gurus recommend draining your 2T oil tank when filling up with a different oil. Again, the robust nature of your Px will allow you to mix different kinds/brands of oil in the oil tank and it will still run, but again it will depend on how much love you have for your Px that will make you go through so much trouble.

Me I like to pamper my Vespa so I give it a premium oil in the form of Motul 600 and Shell 95 octane petrol all of the time.