What’s my take on this whole AKCUPI brouhaha?

The recognized kennel club of the Philippiness is PCCI or the Philippine Canine Club Inc. it is a non-profit organization that has been around since 1964, it is recognized by the AKU (Asia Kennel Union) and by the FCI (Federacion Cynalogique Internationale), it’s documentation is accepted by prestigious kennel clubs like The Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club. For the longest time PCCI has been the acknowledged kennel club of the country. It was challenged in the 70’s by a club calling itself the Philippine Kennel Club of which it died a natural death. I have been a member of PCCI for the past 31 years when I was a 16 year old who was gifted a Dobermann. Sometime in the early nineties I became a regular member then was eventually elected to the board. My highest position was President of the club (less than a year, I filled up the vacant position of president as I was Vice then) I eventually resigned the position choosing to concentrate on my beginning General Surgery practice.  I have chaired several committees during the years I was a director.

With the above credentials and experience I have had with the club, I tend to lean on the side of PCCI than this new club called ACKUPI. I told myself from the very start of my involvement with PCCI is that I would support any leadership as this is not an easy job assuming that one is doing what is right for the club. Different leaderships and board of directors have asked for my help and I always accepted since my intention is always for the betterment of the club.

Because of this I have been criticized for wanting to stay in the center and not choose a side and for this I have been runned over several times.

In my mind and in my heart what I chose was the club and the general membership that is always at the center of these political squables.

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