Pump prices continue to go up also in this part of the earth. 50 Centavos every week for the past 5 weeks with last week adding 1 Peso and 50 Centavos and promises of a weekly increase of a Peso and 50 Centavos. At todays exchange rate of 44 Php to the USD, our pump price for 95 octane is now 5USD to the gallon, with increases having no end in sight. Rumor has it that by July it will be 63 Php to a liter!

I ride a Px200 and the manual says that it can make 30kms/liter or 75miles/gallon. Unfortunately my best mileage with laid back/conservative riding is 23kms/liter. When my twist of the wrist gets snappy and aggressive I end up with 20kms/liter. It is a given that the 2 stroke consumes more fuel as compared to a four stroke. Maybe I should have kept my Px150E. I tried to Google this topic but couldn’t get any results so I had to do some research. I recently spoke to some veteran Vespa Px owners and mechanics on what to do to be able to get the best mileage out of your 2 stroke Vespa. What I will be mentioning are suggestions and not actual rules, I suggest that you see your trusted Vespa machanic and discuss this matter.

1. Keep your 2 stroke Vespa stock. Any performance modifications will affect mileage for the worst.

2. Use a recommended sparkplug. Discuss your riding conditions with your mechanic, if your commute route involves more stop and go traffic than stretches of highway, or if it is a combination of both, then maybe a cold or hot plug may be in order as the case may call for. The right plug for the right riding condition will give you the best combustion and make your Px efficient.

3. Find the proper air/fuel mixture for your 2 stroke so you can get the best performance and mileage. This is basically a trial and error process that entails a sparkplug read.

4. Keep your 2 stroke Vespa properly tuned by following recommended tuning/maintenance schedules.

5. Have your clutch checked for slippage. If it’s slipping, you will need to throttle more to get going.

6. Maintain proper tire pressure. A quick rule of thumb is 20/30 meaning 20PSI for the front and 30PSI for the rear. Lately I have been running 25/32. The proper PSI should factor in your weight and using the manuals recommended tire pressure as a baseline. A squishy tire makes for poor handling and more engine effort. 

7. Remove unnecessary weight on your Vespa, added weight will make your scoot work harder. I removed my front carrier which I wasn’t using anyway. I changed my steel rims to alloy FA mags to make rotating mass lighter.

8. Using a windscreen? My research and queries with gurus came back with no real consensus. Some say that if it is the proper size and proper angle it might give you an aerodynamic advantage, others say that it really adds drag therefore making your Vespa work harder.

9. If you carry stuff on your rear carrier/rack, some say using an aerodynamically designed topbox probably can help your Vespa be efficient, much more when cruising highway speeds.

10. Use the best fuel and 2 stroke oil you can afford. A good/adequate octane petrol allows better combustion while a good 2 stroke oil makes your scoot more efficient therefore combustion is better.

11. Make your riding skills efficient. A slow/smooth twist of the wrist and release of the clutch and being in the proper gear at all times should extend your kms/liter. Avoid high speeds if it is not necessary but try to get to an efficient cruising speed whenever you can as you get better mileage in this situation than during stop and go traffic situations.

12. Try to wear riding gear, a riding jacket and helmet is not only safer for you but also helps in aerodynamics a tad as compared to loose fitting non-riding specific apparel which is not safe for you anyway.

Please remember these are just suggestions and not hard and fast rules. Regarding the condition of your 2 stroke-see a Vespa mechanic and discuss the issue of how to get better mileage out of your 2 stroke. Regarding your riding skills check and do some research. The issue about aerodynamic/lightening advantages particularly in a scooter like the Vespa is probably controversial. But what the heck! Any additional kilometer to liter is definitely money saved.

Ride Safe fellow Vespistis!