Your 2 stroke Vespa is normally noisier and is smoky, its engine design though simple has been labeled as Jurassic due to its inefficiency and poor emissions as compared to a four stroke which is why Vespa has stopped making 2 strokes. Here are some tips that I have thought of to lessen raised eyebrows when you are riding/using your 2 stroke Vespa.

1. Keep your Vespa well maintained/tuned as this keeps it less smokey. Please see my previous post.

2. Use a good 2 stroke oil, the new synthetic oils (I use Motul 600) are esther based and promise less smoke.

3. When I leave the house, particularly when it is early in the morning, I push my Vespa a bit farther down the street to avoid the noise of starting my Px being heard by my neighbors, no high revs. This is a must much more if your scoot is kitted.

4. When at a stop light or intersection, I avoid revving the engine.

5. When parking infront of your local Starbucks, an Al Fresco restaurant, or a group of people, try not to rev your scoot before shutting it down. When leaving, push your scoot a distance away so the exhaust of starting your scoot doesn’t annoy anyone. 

6. Basic road courtesy, a smile, a safe tip of the helmet or a safe wave, goes a long way even if you are not riding a 2 stroke.

Ride Safe Fellow Vespistis!